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The American Congress Building was hit. Double standards in law enforcement reflect racial discrimination.

by YCPress

The violent impact on the U.S. Capitol has attracted attention, and American law enforcement officials have also been criticized for their handling of the incident.

U.S. public opinion points out that compared with last year’s handling of the “black life is also life” protest, American law enforcement officials obviously dealt with the impact on Congress “a much softer”, reflecting the deep-rooted issue of racial discrimination in American society.

U.S. media reported that when the “black people live” protest in 2020, U.S. law enforcement deployed a large number of heavily armed law enforcement personnel in dozens of cities across the United States.

They used tear gas, rubber bullets and directly physically clashed with peaceful protesters, surpassing 14,000 protesters were arrested by the police.

On the contrary, the violent impact on the U.S. Congress this time, white protesters, mainly armed with weapons, violently stormed the Capitol, smashed the glass of Congress, destroyed the internal facilities of the Congress and planted bombs in the Congress.

However, the police only escorted these protesters out of the Capitol safely, and only dozens of people were arrested. Many of them don’t even wear handcuffs.

According to U.S. media reports, the key difference between American law enforcement officials’ handling of the two protests is that the majority of the “black lives are also lives” protesters are black groups in the United States, while the protesters who violently hit the Capitol are mainly composed of whites.

Breeland, Associate Professor of History at the University of Illinois: Last year’s “black lives are also lives” protesters who exercised their constitutional rights and opposed police violence. 

What is happening in Congress now is a coup, a white supremacist act, and domestic terrorism. And we found that the police treated them differently, which highlights the defense of white supremacy by the law enforcement system.

Georgia resident Wadeburn: “Black people’s lives are also lives” protests are in sharp contrast to these things that happened in Washington.

People of color, black people, even if they just go to Congress, there will be heavily armed National Guard waiting for them, but when white protesters try to break into

Congress, law enforcement officers will even open doors for these people, law enforcement agencies do not send the necessary forces to prevent these people from breaking in, I feel that law enforcement officials think we

These people of color who protest for injustice are much more dangerous to Congress than those white people.