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Thai King Delivers New Year’s Message: Unite to Overcome the Crisis

by YCPress

Bangkok, January 1st, As the new year approaches, King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand issued a New Year’s message on the evening of December 31, expressing New Year’s wishes to all citizens and calling for unity Through the epidemic crisis together.

Wajiralongkorn said that the Thai people have a culture that shows kindness and virtue, which is reflected in traditional customs, etiquette, language, and arts, which makes the Thai people closely connected wherever they are.

He said that in this New Year, I hope that people in the country can understand the value of kindness, beauty, and progress, and inherit and promote traditional virtues.

He said that although the country is plagued by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, with knowledge, tolerance and concerted efforts, Thailand will be able to survive the crisis and move towards happiness, security and prosperity.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth also delivered a New Year message on December 31. 

Prayut said that as the New Year is approaching, it is necessary to review the past and examine the gains and losses of the work and provide a reference for the future.

I hope that compatriots across the country will be cautious during the epidemic, and work hand in hand in the new year to achieve what they want.