Home Business San Francisco extended the “stay-at-home order” and “travel quarantine order” indefinitely.
San Francisco extended the "stay-at-home order" and "travel quarantine order" indefinitely.

San Francisco extended the “stay-at-home order” and “travel quarantine order” indefinitely.

by YCPress

San Francisco, December 31st – Officials in San Francisco, California, announced on the 31st local time that they would extend the local “stay-at-home order” and “travel isolation order” indefinitely.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that San Francisco officials said on the 31st that the city’s “stay-at-home order” and “travel isolation order” will be extended for at least two or three weeks. Health officials will reassess the end date of the ban after the expected surge in cases triggered by the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Five counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda, issued the strictest “stay-at-home order” since March this year on December 4.

This “stay-at-home order” will last until at least January 4, 2021. More than 10 days later, the San Francisco Bay Area entered the “stay-at-home order” issued by the California government. California‚Äôs stay-at-home order will last for at least three weeks and can be lifted as early as January 8, 2021.

According to the report, San Francisco’s “travel quarantine order” requires people who enter San Francisco from outside the Bay Area to stay at home for 10 days. The order was originally scheduled to expire on January 4, 2021.

San Jose The Mercury reported that San Francisco Mayor London Breed and health official Grant Colfax said on the 31st that extending the stay-at-home order is safest given that the capacity of the intensive care unit is unlikely to change significantly in the coming weeks and that holiday gatherings are expected to bring more cases. Way.

According to the report, San Francisco extended the “travel quarantine order” in part to prevent the transmission of the more infectious mutant virus from the rest of the United States to the city.

Infectious disease experts say the mutant virus, which was first discovered in the UK, was found in Colorado and San Diego, California this week, and is likely spreading elsewhere.

NBC quoted London Breed as saying: “We have been actively promoting ‘stay-at-home orders’ and ‘travel isolation orders’ to protect San Franciscans. We hope that by taking action quickly, we can flatten the curve and accelerate the pace of reopening.

In 2020, nearly 20 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported across the United States, and more than 345,000 Americans died. California reported about 2.3 million confirmed cases and about 25,500 deaths throughout the year.