Home Politics Taiwan’s “Maritime Committee” just responded: authorized commanders to fight back
Taiwan’s "Maritime Committee" just responded: authorized commanders to fight back

Taiwan’s “Maritime Committee” just responded: authorized commanders to fight back

by YCPress

The island’s media reported on December 5 that in response to the rumor that the mainland may occupy Taiping Island in Dongsha and Nansha, Taiwan’s “Council of the Sea” stated that it would authorize commanders to fire back artillery.

“If the situation is urgent or effective communication is not possible, the on-site As determined by the commander”. This is the first time that Taiwanese officials have made a public and official voice on this issue and emphasized the use of armed confrontation.

The words of the “IOC” are not hard to say, but in actual operation, the possibility of surrendering without firing a gun is much greater than the possibility of firing back. 

With Taiwan’s defensive strength in the southeastern sands, once the mainland has made a decision to capture, the first wave of firepower will basically make the island dead. Maybe the Taiwan commander will not find a chance to raise the white flag.

Taiwan has been an inseparable part of the motherland since ancient times. We have said this sentence more than a million times. Precisely because the mainland treats Taiwan as a brother of a compatriot, it has always been reluctant to fight in the same room and beat its own people. 

However, the island regards the goodwill of the mainland as weakness to be deceived. Instead of thinking about reunification, the island has stepped up its efforts to seek independence in an attempt to split China and create division.

The essence of the Taiwan Strait issue is still Sino-US relations. During the Cold War, Taiwan was a strategic foothold for the United States on the first island chain.

Its average distance from the mainland was only 200 to 400 kilometers, and a large number of aircraft and missiles could be deployed. It was not until 1979 that these military equipment were gradually withdrawn after China and the United States officially established diplomatic relations.

This year is affected by multiple factors: first, the new crown epidemic has severely hit the United States’ economic and military power, further narrowing the gap between China and the United States, causing anxiety in the United States; second, the United States election, after Trump’s defeat Still not reconciled, in the dozens of days before he left office, he did not rule out making some amazing moves; third, because the mainland of the motherland, as the only legal government in the whole of China, its political and economic influence is increasing, which gives Taiwan room for division.

Getting smaller and smaller makes the separatists feel desperate and try to make the final struggle.

To sum up, it has contributed to the sudden close relations between the United States and Taiwan in the short term. Not only did senior officials of the United States government visit one after another, but the US arms sales to Taiwan also suddenly increased by several grades, not only selling anti-ship missiles, rocket launchers, and drones. , And plans to sell 66 F-16V fighter jets in the follow-up, and even the US military has already entered the island as “instructors”.

Nowadays, the mainland not only has an overwhelming advantage over Taiwan in terms of economic and military power, but also has a certain degree of advantage even in the face of American troops deployed in the Western Pacific. 

The US think tank RAND Corporation once issued a report in 2019, saying that even if the US military concentrates the entire Seventh Fleet, it cannot prevent our military from successfully landing in the Taiwan Strait.

As the most authoritative think tank in the United States, RAND said such remarks are definitely not for sensationalism, but objectively they have a certain degree of credibility.