Home Politics Taiwan authorities are clamoring that they will shoot down the mainland drones
Taiwan authorities are clamoring that they will shoot down the mainland drones

Taiwan authorities are clamoring that they will shoot down the mainland drones

by YCPress

Global Network reported on December 12 that Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Defense Zhang Zheping stated in the “Legislative Yuan” the day before that if the People’s Liberation Army dispatched large drones and had “attack hostility” against Taiwan, they would “intercept and intercept,” Identify and destroy”. 

As soon as this statement was made, it was immediately ridiculed by netizens on both sides of the strait. Some netizens pointedly pointed out that the “mouth cannon” is invincible: destroy? really? Didn’t you brag?

The sudden visit of American politicians to the island has caused tensions between the two sides of the strait to become tense. From September 18 to the present, the People’s Liberation Army has maintained a high-intensity cruise in the airspace surrounding Taiwan, and has directly flew over the so-called “Taiwan Strait Central Line” many times. 

Here I want to explain: Although the mainland has never admitted to the existence of the so-called “Taiwan Central Line”, it has only been in 1996 when cross-strait relations were strained from 1958 to the present.

The PLA fighter planes have flew over the “Taiwan Central Line” and have been in peace at other times status. Not being close to the “middle line” here is entirely for the purpose of maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and safeguarding the well-being of the people on both sides of the strait.

It is by no means “the Kuomintang and the Communist Party rule by the gorge” promoted by some Taiwanese media.

Since many high-ranking government officials in the United States have continuously visited Taiwan and have openly and high-profilely supported the separatist forces, the PLA has also directly crossed the so-called center line to exert military pressure on Taiwan. 

Nowadays, chinese military planes are close to the island of Taiwan almost every day, and there are many models: there are J-10C and J-16 fighters; Youyun-8Q anti-submarine aircraft; H-6K bombers, but the most noticeable ones are various drones. .

At present, the People’s Liberation Army has become the world’s second largest drone user after the US military, and there is a trend to surpass the US military. 

Apart from extensive use, China is also the world’s largest UAV producer. According to statistics, about 70% of the world’s civilian drones are produced and provided by China. 

In the field of UAV development and production, it can be said that China has completely kept pace with the United States. Not only does China have corresponding models for any U.S. UAV, but also the cost performance is due to similar products in the United States.

Compared with manned aircraft, drones have lower cost and higher cost-effectiveness. Since UAVs do not need to consider the deployment of pilots, they can achieve many functions in a small space. As they do not need to consider the fatigue of pilots, their endurance is generally longer.

At present, the People’s Liberation Army is equipped with the Rainbow and Pterosaurs. For this kind of drone, the time spent in the air exceeds 12 hours, and it can monitor the target area for a long time. With its high-sensitivity radar and other equipment, some can be used as early warning aircraft.

The People’s Liberation Army keeps sending drones close to Taiwan to warn the separatist forces not to take risks. However, it seems that the separatist forces have become somewhat oblivious after receiving “foreign aid” from the United States.

That’s why they blatantly proposed that the PLA drones would be destroyed if they were “attack hostile.” But the separatists have forgotten that although the mainland of the motherland has tried its best for peace, it has never promised not to use force. 

After all, the cross-strait issue was originally a legacy of the civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. If it were not for the separation of the strait, the war of unification in 1949 would not have dragged on to this day.

Back then, the People’s Liberation Army had no air force and no navy. Looking at the 200-kilometer strait, it was indeed only a sigh. Today, the fourth-generation advanced aircraft of chinese Air Force is second only to the United States, surpassing Russia and ranking second in the world; the Navy has two 60,000-ton aircraft carriers and more than 20 “Chinese Aegis” destroyers, and the fleet size is also second only to the United States. second. 

In the waters within 2,000 kilometers around mainland China, the PLA navy can also receive fire support from the land-based tactical aviation force and the strategic rocket force. The separatist forces tried to use the power of one island to openly confront the mainland of the motherland.

As mentioned above, the People’s Liberation Army has always upheld the utmost sincerity for peace and hopes that the country can be reunified peacefully, because both sides of the strait are Chinese, with the same language and the same species. If they really fight in the same room, it will only hurt the loved ones and the enemies. 

But what is regrettable is that the current Taiwan authorities do not know good or bad. Not only do they regard the mainland’s peaceful sincerity as their squandered capital, but even after enjoying the various preferential policies and benefits of the mainland, they are trying to rely on foreigners’ self-respect and Latin America’s anti-China. It is not surprising that “shoot down the mainland drone”. 

However, just as netizens commented: “It’s a mouthful again!” In fact, most of the separatists only use the name of the separatist to seek greater personal interests. These people are very clear: Once armed and independent, the mainland will inevitably be brought to unification by force. Don’t talk about benefits at that time, even small lives may not be saved.