Home Politics At sensitive moments, Putin personally commanded the Russian army to “show its muscles” and sent a super tough signal to United States
At sensitive moments, Putin personally commanded the Russian army to "show its muscles" and sent a super tough signal to United States

At sensitive moments, Putin personally commanded the Russian army to “show its muscles” and sent a super tough signal to United States

by YCPress

December 12 that the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on December 9 that the Russian armed forces held a large-scale strategic nuclear strike exercise on the same day. The exercise was personally directed by Putin.

The Tu-160 and Tu-95MS strategic bombers, the “Karelia” strategic nuclear submarine carrying submarine-launched missiles with a range of 11,500 kilometers, and the “Yars” intercontinental ballistic missile participated in the exercise.

During the exercise, the strategic bomber mounted a long-range cruise missile to strike a target at the Pianboi shooting range in the Komi Republic; the “Dark Blue” submarine-launched missile flew 5,500 kilometers in less than half an hour and hit the target at the Kula shooting range on the Kamchatka Peninsula; The “Yars” intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from the Plesetsk Space Center and flew to the Kula shooting range.

The Russian armed forces are a master of violent aesthetics, especially his strategic nuclear forces. Since the Soviet era, the “Deep Sea Behemoth” typhoon-class nuclear submarine, the “Satan” intercontinental ballistic missile, and the 50-million-ton hydrogen bomb “Big Ivan” have all been the “signature dishes” of the “Red Empire” all over the world.

Its strategy Even if compared with the United States, nuclear power is only strong or not,

Even with the end of the Cold War and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia, which inherited its mantle, had to strengthen its strategic nuclear power building even if its belt was tightened even when the country was extremely difficult and weak, and to maintain a strategic nuclear balance with the United States. 

“White Poplar”, “Yars”, “Salmat”, “Deep Blue”, “Hammer”, “Pioneer” and “God of the North Wind”, each of which can be called the pinnacle of strategic nuclear weapons.

The Russian nation has a belief in power and believes that “the truth emerges from under the fist.” In the contest with the United States and the West, there is not much nonsense, life and death are indifferent, and he is not satisfied, and he is particularly willing to threaten and threaten the use of strategic nuclear capabilities.

Putin has a well-known saying: “10,000 protests are not as good as strategic bombers. Flick the wings.”

Attaching importance to strategic nuclear forces is an inevitable choice for Russia. At the end of the Cold War, Russia’s sphere of influence has shrunk significantly, but NATO has not fulfilled its previous promises.

Instead, it took this opportunity to expand eastward and thrust its bayonet into Russia’s chest. Due to the huge economic gap between the United States and the West, the conventional strength of the Russian military lags far behind the United States and NATO forces. 

In order to maintain the balance of power with the United States and protect national security, Russia can only use the trump card of nuclear weapons.

We can see that Russia’s threshold for the use of nuclear weapons is very low, and its military doctrine clearly defines: foreign enemies use nuclear weapons, or biological and chemical weapons to invade Russia and its allies; Russia is the first to use nuclear weapons if it is violated by conventional weapons and its national system is threatened. . In the past, it was necessary to face the moment of life and death, but now it is the Russian president who thinks it can be used.

At that time, Russian President Putin said astonishingly: “Without Russia, what is the use of this world!” Countries in the world, including the United States, absolutely believe that Russia dares to use nuclear weapons when necessary. 

It is precisely because of this that no matter how depressed Russia is, the United States and the West dare not push Russia to a desperate situation.

On June 9, 1999, Yugoslavia withdrew from Kosovo the next day after signing a withdrawal agreement with NATO. 

Just before the British army arrived at Slidzic Airport, the capital of Kosovo Province, Russia secretly dispatched 200 paratroopers to march 500 kilometers, grabbing food from 7,000 British troops, and successfully seizing the airport. 

The British army believed that it had an absolute advantage and asked the NATO top commander to open fire on the Russian army, but was flatly rejected: “Are you crazy? This will cause a nuclear war!”

It can be seen that nuclear weapons have played a pivotal role in maintaining Russia’s status as a major power and shaping a favorable strategic situation.

This is also the fundamental reason why Russia has always placed the construction of strategic nuclear forces first in the construction of armed forces.

When Putin personally directed this strategic nuclear power exercise, US-Russian relations were once again at a sensitive stage. Biden, who is about to take office, made it clear that Russia will be an important threat to the United States, and the military pressure on Russia by the United States’ allies will not weaken. 

Putin chose to “bright the sword” at this moment in order to show the super tough attitude of Russia to Washington and show that he is not afraid of American threats.

With super tough versus tough, Russia’s consistent style.