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Suspect arrested for gunfire at Atlanta Airport

Suspect arrested for gunfire at Atlanta Airport

by YCPress

On the evening of November 20th local time, Atlanta authorities issued an arrest warrant for Kenny Wells, 42, a suspect in the gunfire at Jackson International Airport, who had committed a felony, for carrying hidden weapons at commercial airports, possessing guns, and using Guns and reckless behavior.

Police also reported in a statement that 3 people were injured in the gunfire but their lives were not in danger. It is not clear whether the injuries of the 3 were related to evacuation after the incident.

The U.S. Transportation Safety Administration said in a statement that a staff member at a security checkpoint found a gun in Wells’ luggage during the security screening. During the second screening of the luggage, Wells took out a gun from his luggage and accidentally went on fire, and Wells then fled through the adjacent exit passage. Leave the scene.

Gunshots were fired at the busiest airport in the United States, injuring many people

[Global Network Report] According to U.S. media reports, on November 20 local time, a shooting incident occurred at the busiest airport in the United States, Atlanta, at Hasfield Jackson International Airport, injuring 3 people. The airport was once in chaos, and all flights about to take off were temporarily suspended…

U.S. media such as Fox News reported that live videos circulating on social media showed that people crawled on the ground one after another, and their luggage and fences were scattered all over the ground. The scene was once very chaotic.

After investigation, the relevant departments said that the shooting should be accidental and there were no intentional shooters. Regarding the casualties, the Transport Authority said that 3 people were injured, but their lives were not in danger.

The U.S. Transportation Administration said on the 20th local time, “At the main checkpoint of Hazfeld-Jackson International Airport, staff found contraband and searched a passenger’s luggage while scanning it. The staff advised passengers not to touch the relevant items. However, when they opened their luggage containing contraband, the passengers rushed over and grabbed a gun, and then the gun sounded. Many passengers immediately fled the area and ran out of the airport.

Atlanta Sheriff said that the shooting took place in the airport security area and was an accident. Airport officials said on social media that neither passengers nor staff were in danger, and the investigation was still going on, and more details would be released later.

After the incident, it also quickly attracted outside attention, and many netizens questioned airport safety.

Some netizens questioned the content posted by the airport on its Twitter account. The airport called it an “accident” and “it was not dangerous to passengers and employees”. Really? Accidental shooting will not cause danger to anyone?”

Some netizens also said, “In my opinion, nothing in this matter is ‘accidental’. Who on earth are we trying to fool? What are we hiding?”

Some netizens also mentioned the previous experience, “I happened to be at Atlanta Airport when they had a power outage last summer. That’s too bad. At least 10 Democratic supporters in Joe Biden T-shirts were trapped on the escalator for more than an hour.