Home Politics Sudden injury in Frankfurt, Germany, 4 injured
Sudden injury in Frankfurt, Germany, 4 injured

Sudden injury in Frankfurt, Germany, 4 injured

by YCPress

January 26th local time, Frankfurt police in Germany, there was a sudden injury near the main railway station of the city on the same day.

The attacker was arrested immediately, many people were injured, and the danger has been ruled out.

Further cases will be released after investigation.

German media later reported that this was a knife-wielding case in central Frankfurt at about 9 a.m. that day, injuring four people, three of whom were seriously injured. Investigators initially judged that the suspect might have taken medicine.

Later, Frankfurt police revealed that the suspect was a 42-year-old man who was still holding knives at the time of arrest.

The suspect first beat and trampled on a 40-year-old man sleeping on the sidewalk that day.

After the man got up, the suspect stabbed him seriously with a knife.

Next, the suspect also attacked three men aged 24, 40 and 78. It is reported that the suspect himself was injured and received outpatient treatment in the hospital.

At present, the police do not believe that the incident is politically motivated, but the background of the case is still under investigation.

In addition, the information about the location of the crime is not clear.

The report quoted a police spokesman as saying: “It is not clear whether the first crime scene was found or whether the victim was dragged to the relevant place.”

It is worth mentioning that the security situation in the neighborhood around Frankfurt’s main railway station has not been optimistic.

Not only are there many vagrants, but also the drug trade is rampant.