Home World On the first anniversary of his death, Kobe did not “go far away”
On the first anniversary of his death, Kobe did not "go far away"

On the first anniversary of his death, Kobe did not “go far away”

by YCPress

January 25th local time, the Lakers beat the Cavaliers 115:108 away from home, and currently ranks first in the NBA with 14 wins and 4 losses.

Lakers coach Vogel revealed that the next day he would give the whole team a day off, so that the players can better mourn the Lakers legendary superstar Kobe Bryant, who died for the whole first anniversary of his death. “This is not a birthday memory, but a gray day.”

At this special time, there are almost no public memorial ceremonies in the NBA. The Lakers did not wear a Mamba-themed jersey for the Cavaliers, only Nets guard Owen wore Kobe’s No. 8 jersey to pay tribute before the Heat that day.

According to KRON4 TV in the United States, Kobe’s family asked the official and the team not to hold any activities to mourn Kobe.

They are still in a period of grief and do not want to touch the scene. But this still can’t stop people’s miss for the great star: in Los Angeles, hundreds of Kobe-themed murals are scattered all over the streets; in addition to the United States, more than 30 countries have held activities to commemorate Kobe.

Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash in southern California last January 26, the United States, killing his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven other passengers.

A year later, Kobe did not “go far away”, especially within the Lakers. Paul Gasol, a former Lakers star who won two championships side by side with Kobe, admitted that the tragic death of Kobe’s father and daughter is still bothering him.

He named his newborn daughter after Gianna to express his grief. His brother Mark Gasol, who currently plays for the Lakers, refused to answer questions about Kobe.

“Sorry, I’m still uncomfortable talking about this topic today.” Lakers superstar LeBron James said that the whole club is still healing. “We need time, because it’s too tragic. There are many things in the world that will die, but legends will not, Kobe is like this.

Kobe, who is far away in heaven, will certainly be happy with the current situation of the Lakers. After the restart of the NBA last season, the Lakers made great progress and finally won the championship, tying the Celtics’ record of 17 championships.

The Lakers have performed well this season and are expected to defend their titles. Two of the team’s top stars James and Davis revealed that the team suddenly had a “special mission” after Kobe’s death – to fight for Kobe and win the championship. “He is still part of our club”.

Off the court, Kobe’s business empire did not collapse because of his sudden departure. In 2014, Kobe invested $6 million in a sports drink company, and now his share is valued at about $200 million.

Kobe also founded a production company, published many books, became a best-selling author, and participated in the production of Dear Basketball and won the 2018 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Kobe’s career earned $680 million, including salary and business endorsements.

After retiring, he founded a venture capital company that made a lot of money and was called a “fast-growing business tycoon” by the Los Angeles Times.

Today, these companies are still operating in an orderly manner. A sports training center Kobe Bryant invested in just removed Kobe’s name, and everything else went as usual.