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Sudan accused Ethiopia of violating the border

by YCPress

According to Reuters Khartoum on December 26, the Sudanese Information Minister said on the same day that Sudan had taken control of most of the land occupied by Ethiopia near the border between the two countries.

According to the report, in early November, clashes broke out in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, and more than 50,000 people, mainly Tigray refugees, came to eastern Sudan, and tensions in the border area increased.

The dispute concentrated on agricultural land in Fashka, which is located on the border of Sudan, but Ethiopian farmers have lived here for a long time.

The report also said that in recent weeks, the Sudanese and Ethiopian armies have engaged in armed conflicts, and both sides accused each other of inciting violence. The two countries held talks on this issue in Khartoum this week.

Sudan’s Minister of Information Faisal Saleh said: “We are in favor of resolving all problems through dialogue. But our army will fulfill the responsibility of recovering all the land. At present, our army has recovered 60 to 70 percent of the land.

Saleh said that the Sudanese army took defensive actions and the conflict has subsided in the past two days.

He also said: “The Sudan’s intelligence report confirms that it is not the militia that organizes, trains and armed the offensive forces, but the regular army.”

Prior to this week’s talks, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Demek Mekonen said that Sudanese troops began to launch attacks on November 9. He said: “Ethiopian farmers’ agricultural products have been robbed, their camps have been destroyed, and they cannot harvest on their own farms. Many civilians were killed and injured.”