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An Israeli ship is suspected to have been attacked near the port of Fujaira in the United Arab Emirates.

Israel opposes the resumption of the Iran nuclear agreement

by YCPress

December 28 According to a report by Deutss News Agency Tel Aviv on December 27, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office issued a statement warning on the same day that Israel strongly opposes the resumption of the 2015 nuclear agreement between some world powers and Iran.

“Israel firmly believes that there should be no return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal,” the statement said.

In less than a month, U.S. President-elect Biden will succeed the outgoing President Trump. Trump announced in 2018 that the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement and resumed sanctions against Iran.

The statement warned that the agreement was “fundamentally flawed” and “provided Iran with a golden road to build an important infrastructure for the creation of a nuclear arsenal”, and also provided Iran with resources to “significant escalation of aggression” throughout the Middle East.

“Israel clearly believes that under no circumstances should this bad agreement be restored,” the statement said.

According to the report, after Biden sent a signal of reconciliation, some European countries have expressed their hope to inject new vitality into the nuclear agreement reached in 2015.

The agreement aims to prevent the Islamic Republic from accumulating uranium that can be used to make nuclear weapons. In return, the major powers promised to end Iran’s economic isolation by lifting sanctions.

In addition to Trump, Netanyahu is regarded as one of the strongest critics of the nuclear agreement. Israel fears that Iran’s possession of atomic bombs will pose a threat to its survival.

Tehran leadership accused the U.S. government of trying to change power through sanctions.