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Such "tourism" is too popular! The ticket was robbed as soon as it was launched

Such “tourism” is too popular! The ticket was robbed as soon as it was launched

by YCPress

Recently, some Korean airlines have launched a “flying without destination” program. This kind of flight is not to go to a specific destination, but to take a ride in the air to enjoy the scenery, and then return to the starting point after flying around South Korea. 

How did Korean Airlines respond after launching “Flying Without Destination”?

On the large screen in the arrival hall of Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, there is a flight that starts and arrives at Incheon International Airport . T

his is South Korea’s second-largest airline, Asiana Airlines, launched the “flying without destination” flight.

This time, Asiana Airlines’ “flying destinationless” flight will use the Airbus A380 that used to fly only international routes. 

For the sake of epidemic prevention, about 60% of the seats are sold in separate seats on flights, and the fares of different cabins range from 1,200 to 1,800 yuan.

Taking a large airliner such as the Airbus A380 at a low price is still very attractive to South Korean passengers, and the ticket was sold out as soon as it was launched . 

In order to allow passengers to fully appreciate the high-altitude beauty, the speed has been reduced, and the flying altitude has also been reduced to about 3 kilometers above the ground, which is about one-third of the normal altitude.

The aircraft also provides international airline standard dining and entertainment systems. In fact, the reason why Korean Airlines launched “flying without destination” was out of some kind of helplessness.

South Korean law stipulates that if a pilot wants to maintain a flight license for a specific aircraft type such as A380, he needs to take off and land more than three times within 90 days, and the aircraft itself needs to fly regularly to ensure the overall stability. Due to the epidemic this year, South Korea’s international flights have been reduced by more than 90%

and a large number of passenger aircraft have been idle for a long time. In desperation, the airlines launched the “flying without destination” in one move, which not only can effectively use the passenger aircraft, but also increase the promotion of the brand, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

In order to attract more passengers, South Korea is currently considering increasing the number and range of “flights without destination”, and pushing to amend existing laws to classify flights that do not land overseas, but fly out and then return as international flights. Launched on-board duty-free sales. 

Some airlines also join activities such as cockpit visits before and after the flight, lottery and ticket delivery, and plan to plan special projects such as weddings in the cloud and alumni reunion in the cloud in anticipation of improving revenue.