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South Korean study: Kimchi helps relieve the symptoms of the novel coronavirus

by YCPress

Yonhap News Agency reported on April 3 that South Korea’s “WiKim Institute of World Kim” recently said that the joint research results of the research conducted by the institute and the research team led by Busguet, an asthma expert at the University of Montpellier in France, showed that the ingredients for making Kimchi – cabbage, pepper, garlic The nutrients contained in it can regulate the human anti-oxygen system and play a positive role in alleviating symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

The research team tracked and analyzed the differences in the incidence, severity and mortality rate of COVID-19 in different countries, and paid special attention to the reasons for the low mortality rate in East Asian countries such as South Korea and in Africa near the Sahara.

According to the study, except for Australia and New Zealand, citizens of most countries with low mortality rates of COVID-19 patients often eat fermented vegetables such as kimchi or various seasonings.

The research team found that nutrients such as radish thiol, allicin, capsaicin, ginger and other nutrients in kimchi interact with the body’s antioxidant system Nrf2 in the fermentation process to eliminate harmful active acids produced by COVID-19 in the body.

The results of the study are published in the December 2020 issue of the international academic journal Clinical and Translational Allergy.