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Sharp international review 丨 This is not a science fiction movie, this is the magic of 'Innovative China'

International sharp review丨This is not a science fiction movie, this is the charm of “Innovative China”

by YCPress

Walking around in the science and technology equipment area of ​​the third CIIE is like breaking into a sci-fi movie scene: all kinds of robots have become standard equipment in most booths. Handling and assembly robots are busy working on the spot; accounting robots can archive tens of thousands of invoices within 10 hours; the representative of human-machine collaborative robots “ping pong coach” has upgraded skills, which not only has more advanced “mind reading”, but also doubles with students…

As expected by the outside world, innovation has once again become the biggest eye-catching point of this CIIE. Hundreds of new products, new technologies, and new services are here for the world premiere and the first exhibition in China. Ultra-thin flexible glass of only 25 microns (about one-third the diameter of a human hair), non-inflatable puncture-resistant tires that can be intelligently repaired, the world’s first all-carbon fiber super sports car with a dreamy appearance, weighing only 2 grams The world’s smallest pacemaker… Once a year, the CIIE has become a platform for global technological innovators to display, communicate and compete. Many exhibitors said that what they fancy is the characteristics of the CIIE’s open cooperation.

For example, ABB, the world’s leading power and automation technology company, brought a highly cooperative product this time-the UAV-borne natural gas leak detection system for the world’s premiere. The product combines ABB’s patented technology and China’s Beidou high-precision positioning system to provide an efficient and safe solution for urban natural gas pipeline network detection. In the CIIE venues, there are too many products that integrate global technologies like this, which makes people deeply feel that open cooperation is the eternal driving force of technological progress. Mr. Kang Liang, Chief Financial Officer of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., told the International Sharp Review that the CIIE has become a leading platform for international cooperation and technological innovation in the past few years.

There is no doubt that the biggest “cake” at the CIIE is the huge potential Chinese market behind it. At present, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is sweeping the world, and the new technologies, new formats, and new models that have been spawned need to be digested and verified by the global market before they can be transformed into economic momentum. And China, which has turned to high-quality development, is obviously a good testing ground and place for global new technologies and new products.

It is no wonder that more and more foreign companies have moved their R&D centers to China. On the one hand, China already has sufficient reserves of talents and technologies. On the other hand, this allows new technologies to be closer to application scenarios and target markets. Just as Swiss Ambassador to China Luo Zhiyi said to “International Sharp Review”, some companies participating in the exhibition do not bring new products and technologies to China, but they “are in China.”

Now, for some foreign companies that have been working in China for many years, the term “in China, for China” is not new. The fashionable saying is: starting from the Chinese market and entering the global market. As L’Oréal China President and CEO Fei Borui said, through the CIIE, foreign companies can not only bring the world’s best product and service experience and solutions to China, but also help them “bring some of China’s best innovations.” Push it back to the world and benefit global consumers.”

What excites global innovators is that the recently announced China’s 14th Five-Year Plan puts innovation at the core of China’s modernization drive. At the opening ceremony of this CIIE, China’s top leaders stated that China will unswervingly expand its opening-up in an all-round way, promote the innovative development of foreign trade, and will compress the “China’s Catalog of Technologies Prohibited and Restricted from Imports”, which will undoubtedly benefit the cross-border technological elements. Free flow, injecting warm currents into global scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation encountering protectionism.

“New era, sharing the future”-the scene of enthusiastic exchanges and cooperation at the CIIE has witnessed China’s determination and efforts to enhance international cooperation in the fields of science and technology. A China that is about to enter a new stage of development, and its vast domestic demand market will continue to stimulate a steady stream of innovation potential, allowing the world to see: In “Innovative China”, the future has come. (International sharp commentator)