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The US Supreme Court has ordered that Trump’s requirements not be met

by YCPress

According to various media sources including CNN and Reuters, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito ordered the state of Pennsylvania to separate the votes received before and after election day.

Source: CNN

According to CNN News on the 7th, Judge Samuel Alito of the U.S. Supreme Court ordered all county commissioners in Pennsylvania to separate the votes received after the election day from the previous ones and count them separately. According to reports, this approach is consistent with the plan previously proposed by the Pennsylvania Secretary of State and Democrat Kathy Boockvar.

The US Republican presidential candidate Trump previously claimed that the ballots mailed after election day were “illegal ballots.” His team initiated lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, requesting the court to order the suspension of local vote counting. And asked the US Supreme Court to rule on the legality of these votes.

Compared with the “stop counting” requested by the Trump team, the “separate counting” ordered by Justice Alito means that the legitimacy of these votes has not yet been denied. Therefore, CNN writer and Republican election legal expert Ben Kings According to Ben Ginsberg, “To some extent, the order maintains the status quo.”

According to the current U.S. election situation, before counting the votes mailed after election day, Trump’s votes in Pennsylvania and other states have a significant advantage. As the results of subsequent mailed ballots are announced, Trump has The vote advantage of some states has loosened, and the Democratic candidate Biden has even overtaken.

According to reports, Pennsylvania officials had proposed to postpone the voting deadline to November 6th before the general election on the grounds of epidemic prevention and control. The proposal was approved by the state Supreme Court. In response to this change, Secretary of State Bukwall asked Pennsylvania counties to separate their votes before and after the election.

Source: NBC News

However, the Republican Party challenged the Federal Supreme Court, saying that it is currently unable to determine whether the state has strictly complied with the “separate vote counting” requirement in each county, and therefore put forward a “stop counting” requirement. As a judge, Alito also pointed out that Pennsylvania did not notify the Supreme Court of the decision to “divide the vote.”

However, because Alito’s order is more to “maintain the status quo,” according to another CNN News report on the 7th, Trump said about the progress of his team’s litigation in the states with more complicated elections. Dissatisfied”, he believes that his legal team has not tried its best to obtain the most favorable result for himself in questioning the legitimacy of votes.