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Russia mocks Germany as a “military servant” of the United States

by YCPress

Reference News Network reported on November 30 According to a report by Tass Agency in Moscow on November 28, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova said that Germany is completely dependent on the United States for security issues. Zakharova commented on the 28th on the personal homepage of the Facebook website on the 28th regarding the German Defense Minister Annegret Krankp-Karenbauer’s call for arms control negotiations with Russia “on strength”.

Zaharova said: “To this day, Germany is still in a very interesting position (although I’m not sure if it’s a good thing) – ‘a servant state in the security field’. This is not my conclusion, which is obvious to all. I quote Anne Gretel, who admits that Germany is completely inseparable from the United States in the military field.

Zaharova said that the U.S. military in Germany is one of the largest U.S. overseas troops. She satirized: “Not long ago, Germany expressed strong dissatisfaction with the plan of the United States to relocate some U.S. troops in Germany to other countries.”

Zaharova also pointed out that American nuclear weapons are also deployed in Germany. She commented: “Power exists, but it does not belong to you. You can’t control it, and you don’t receive orders to allow you to control it. At the same time, you are afraid to lose it – this is the sign of dependency.”

Earlier, in his speech, the German Defense Minister called for arms control negotiations with Russia “on strength” and pointed out that “this has always been the position of German foreign policy and should continue to be so in the future”.