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Russia has released a big move, and Westerners envy and hate it!

Russia has released a big move, and Westerners envy and hate it!

by YCPress

What is the most scarce thing in the world now?

Short of money?

It’s really not. You didn’t see that the most consistent practice of the major central banks now is to start the money printing machine.

The answer is that there is a shortage of vaccines!

For all countries in the world, unless it is anti-intelligence, it is clear that vaccines are now a big deal.

It’s a race of life. Whoever completes the vaccination the fastest can save more lives and whoever can get out of trouble the first.

The demand is unlimited, and the vaccine is limited. Around the vaccine, allies also turned against him, and the West also fought. Anyway, the European Union has been fighting with Britain recently.

So much so that the headline of a recent Bloomberg article is: In the face of the vaccine crisis, the EU and everyone have become enemies.

Well, whoever grabs the vaccine from me is my enemy.

But this morning, I saw another Bloomberg video from Moscow Red Square. The reporter was full of envy and overflowed with words.

Because Russia did this when Western countries were still fighting for a vaccine.

According to this video, Russia also has troubles about vaccines.

What is the trouble?

Russians are not active in vaccination.

Anyway, the proportion of Moscow people who have been vaccinated is much lower than that of London and New York. According to statistics, only 38% of Russians said they would get a coronavirus vaccine.

But without large-scale vaccination, the epidemic can’t pass!

What should I do?

Moscow came up with a good way.

Whoever gets the vaccine will be given free ice cream.

Anyway, in Bloomberg’s video, an inoculation point next to Red Square is located in the shopping mall. Whoever inoculates will take an ice cream for free. The doctor next to him also said that the idea was very good…

Russian ice cream is really good. A few years ago, I bought and tasted it with my colleagues at the Shanghai Expo. It was sweet and the price was not bad. Oh, this is also a gift Putin once gave to his good friends in China.

Please note:

1. Moscow is one of the “rare” cities in the world where the supply of vaccines exceeds the demand;

2. Moscow people are too motivated to get a vaccine;

3. Therefore, some vaccination sites are located in shopping malls;

4. Free ice cream will be rewarded for whoever is vaccinated…

Seeing some netizens sighing under this news:

Russia: Come on, come on, get vaccinated, free ice cream.

USA: Vaccination… But we don’t know what to do. We need to vaccinate the elderly first, maybe…

Well, this is a little exaggerated. The United States is not like this.

But this is indeed an interesting phenomenon: on the one hand, the West is anxious about where to find a qualified vaccine; on the other hand, Russia has sufficient vaccines, but Russians are not active, and ice cream stimulation.

Behind it is a bigger problem, vaccine discrimination.

Previously, if you read the Western media, at least 8 out of 10 articles, questioned various kinds of Chinese and Russian vaccines, questioned whether Russian vaccines were not strictly certified, questioned the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines…

As a result, the supply of vaccines in the West is in short supply, and other countries have rushed to buy Chinese and Russian vaccines.

Anyway, Indonesian President Joko, Turkish President Erdogan, Seychelles President Ramkarawan, UAE Prime Minister Al Maktoum, etc. have personally vaccinated against China.

Serbian President Vučić and Chilean President Pinheira personally rushed to the airport to welcome the arrival of a Chinese vaccine.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán publicly praised: Of all vaccines, I trust China’s vaccine the most. Hungary also became the first EU country to be vaccinated against China.

Of course, Europe’s attitude is also changing.

For example, German Chancellor Merkel lamented that Serbia’s vaccination rate exceeded that of all other EU countries, just because “they used a Chinese vaccine”. She promised that the EU would welcome every vaccine as long as it was licensed.

Moreover, the effectiveness of the Chinese and Russian vaccine has also been internationally recognized.

The latest data of The Lancet, the latest clinical results of the Russian “satellite V” vaccine show that the effectiveness can reach 91.6%. China’s two vaccines have also received a very good response around the world.

Science is science, and vaccine is vaccine. Frankly speaking, the attack on vaccines is more ideological. It’s just the end result, but it’s the one who wears colored glasses and is the most hurtful.

Our Taiwan region should have the most say.

Of course, Russians are not actively vaccinated, which is indeed a difficult problem.

Bloomberg reporters who appeared on camera all seemed a little unbelievable, because he was the first to get the first vaccine as soon as a Russian vaccine was released. After all, a vaccine is the best weapon to fight the epidemic, and the Russian vaccine is really effective.

But under this news, many Westerners are envious and hateful.

We can’t see the shadow of the vaccine yet. They actually got the vaccine and sent ice cream!

Of course, there are also many people who have a clear position: this is a matter of right and wrong, and must not be tempted by Putin’s small favors.

Some people say:

I love ice cream, but I must not be tempted by Russia and agree to them inject something into me…

Well, the death of illness is small, and the loss of integrity is big!