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"Retrograde" reporter wired compatriots in India: be careful of pandemic prevention together refueling!

“Retrograde” reporter wired compatriots in India: be careful of pandemic prevention together refueling!

by YCPress

India’s second wave of Coronavirus outbreaks continues to hover at alarmingly high levels, with more than 300,000 new confirmed cases in a single day and more than 20 million confirmed cases in a row for two weeks.

Under such a severe outbreak, how can journalists carry out home isolation and daily work? What is the situation of the local overseas Chinese? Look at the report from News Agency reporter

The mutated virus is rampant, india’s second wave of outbreaks since the rate of serious illness, disease death rate is relatively high, to improve vigilance, do adequate protection! “In the video link, branch colleagues repeatedly told reporters to return to India soon.

During the isolation at home, the reporter has returned to the normal pace of work, but with colleagues daily communication, work docking and interview reports have been changed to online. Although unable to face-to-face contact, but in this “dark” moment, the reporter to each other’s support, suffering and the common “war friendship” has a deeper understanding.

According to the reporter experience, in the past year, Indian e-commerce in the pandemic “counter-trend” rapid development, online shopping convenience has been significantly improved, buy food, takeaway, daily goods online shopping coverage, delivery efficiency has improved a lot. Like many chinese compatriots in India, journalists are now basically buying enough materials through the Internet for a week, after a full disinfection backup.

People wait to fill oxygen cylinders in New Delhi, India, on May 5. Xinhua News Agency

At present, the situation of diplomats in India, employees of Chinese-funded institutions, international students and overseas Chinese groups most affects the hearts of relatives of the motherland. According to reporters, many of them have been stuck in India, and some people recently ended their family visits in the country “retrograde” back.

In a video link interview with reporters, a Chinese-funded enterprises in India staff Anna introduced, the company has been confirmed by Indian employees, to colleagues brought no small psychological pressure, we are particularly careful, pay attention to wear masks, frequent hand washing, frequent disinfection, home from work immediately bathe. The trend of the pandemic is unpredictable, what can be done now is to do a good job of personal protective measures, maintain healthy living habits and positive attitude, strengthen exercise to improve immunity.

A Coronavirus patient sucks oxygen in a car in Batna, India, on May 3. Xinhua News Agency

Huang Lele, a doctoral student at Nehru University, studied in India for many years and stayed in india to successfully complete her studies. She told reporters that since the outbreak, Indian teachers and classmates have been very caring for themselves in foreign countries. The second wave of outbreaks is raging, there are many Indian friends or their relatives and friends around, or even lost their lives, very sad. Because of the serious medical run, some people are infected and can only isolate themselves at home, “I hope my little Indian partners can recover soon.”

Huang said, especially thanks to the “force” of the Chinese Embassy in India, gave them masks, disinfection supplies, paper towels, ear-temperature guns and other materials, but also organized domestic experts to answer questions, psychiatrists tele-consultation and other activities.

“Although the pandemic is serious, life must continue, I have many Chinese friends around me ready to prevent pandemic materials, reduce going out, try to buy online, have to go out to do a good job of pandemic prevention measures.” Huang Lele said.

Seeing that many Indians go out without masks or protective measures, she is also anxious, hoping that the local government will step up publicity efforts against pandemic prevention measures. “I sincerely hope that everyone is safe and sound, healthy and healthy, the outbreak will soon pass. 

The Indian government has recently taken measures such as extending or adding “sealed cities” in several regions, increasing imports of key anti-pandemic materials, reducing taxes and fees on anti-pandemic materials, and encouraging medical students to participate in the first-line work of the fight against the pandemic.

The second wave of the outbreak is not over, the Indian government’s chief scientific adviser Vijay Ragwan warned on the 5th, given the current high level of transmission of the new coronavirus, India will inevitably have a third wave of outbreaks, should be prepared for it.

Reporters also sincerely look forward to, in India compatriots carefully pandemic prevention, firm confidence, mutual encouragement, in self-help and mutual assistance to support the difficult times together, as soon as possible ushered in a turnaround.