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Pyramid UFO? Pentagon video leak

Pyramid UFO? Pentagon video leak

by YCPress

According to Fox News on the 13th, the Pentagon admitted that a U.S. Navy destroyer captured a strange night vision shot with mysterious flash objects flying above it and another warship.

The Pentagon Task Force on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena collected this video, but it was leaked to Jeremy Corbell, producer of the documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 and UFO, and George Knapp, news director of KLAS TV (Geo). rge Knapp).

Cobel said that after obtaining information from the Pentagon’s intelligence briefing, he confirmed that the shocking video was true. Pentagon officials confirmed that the video was filmed by the U.S. Navy, but did not describe the content of the video. In this video shot by the crew of the USS Russell, three dark spheres can be seen hovering above the warship. In the video, you can also see a triangular object.

Corbel also shared three pictures of the unidentified “spherical” aircraft taken on board the U.S. cruiser Omaha. According to reports, Kobel said, “It is worth noting that this ‘spherical’ vehicle is suspected to be a medium-sized vehicle that fell into the water without damage. Although submarines were later used to search, no ‘spherical’ object was found.

Kobel shares three photos of the unidentified “spherical” aircraft taken aboard the cruiser Omaha.

It is reported that the U.S. Naval Intelligence Agency discussed these events at a confidential briefing held on May 1, 2020. Kobel said that he also received information about his third sighting from an F/A-18 fighter pilot and his weapons system officer on March 4, 2019.

The picture shows the American F/A-18 fighter pilot.
The picture shows the American F/A-18 fighter pilot.

Pentagon spokesman Susan Gough said, “I can confirm that these photos and videos were taken by naval personnel. The Special Investigation Team on Unidentified Air Phenomena (UAPTF) has included these incidents in its ongoing investigations. As we said before, in order to keep combat safe and avoid the disclosure of information that may be useful to potential opponents, the Department of Defense will not openly discuss the details of observed or reported invasions into our training scope or designated airspace, including those originally designated as UFOs.”

Details of the July 2019 logs of the newly released destroyers Kidd, Rafael Peralta and John Finn last month also show that flying objects have appeared near the California coast and attracted attention. The U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies investigated the incident, but with little result.

A former U.S. national intelligence official said last month that a report from the U.S. government will reveal “unexplained” UFO sightings, including its breakthrough of the sound barrier without generating sonic booms.