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Protesters "stop lockdown" one of the largest vaccination sites in the United States

Protesters “stop lockdown” one of the largest vaccination sites in the United States

by YCPress

At present, more than 26 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and 440,000 people have died in the United States, but there are still Americans who are not impressed with these figures.

A group of protesters gathered to block vaccination efforts outside Dodger Stadium, one of the largest coronavirus vaccination sites in the United States, on January 30.

The signs they hold in their hands are full of various anti-vaccine and anti-epidemic slogans: “Coronavirus is a scam”, “Don’t be a white mouse”, “Take off the mask”, “End the blockade”…

Vaccination at the Dodger Stadium site was temporarily suspended due to protesters’ disruption. The site is located in Los Angeles County, California, United States.

According to the Los Angeles Times on the 30th, about 50 demonstrators protested outside Dodger Stadium on the day, blocking the entrance to the vaccination site.

Among these protesters were personnel from anti-vaccine organizations and right-wing groups. They keep shouting out to the crowds waiting in line for vaccination that old “conspiracy theories” such as “COVID-19 is fake” and “vaccination is dangerous”. Moreover, many protesters at the scene did not wear masks or take protective measures.

“You are becoming a laboratory mouse.” I did this for you, not for me. A protester said.

These actions of the protesters have made hundreds of people who have been waiting in line for vaccination at the scene feel very frustrated, some of whom have been waiting for hours. Videos on social media show that there is a long queue of vehicles on the scene, and people are anxiously waiting for vaccination in the car

Moreover, it was reported that the protests had forced the Dodger Stadium site to close at about 2 p.m. that day. Several local policemen in Los Angeles also rushed to the scene to maintain order, but they did not arrest anyone.

Los Angeles Mayor spokesman Andrea Garcia said that the protests caused the vaccination to be interrupted for nearly an hour, but no vaccination appointments were cancelled.

“We’re not deterred or threatened,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom said on social media. Dodger Stadium vaccination sites have reopened at about 3 p.m. that day.

The Los Angeles Times hinted that the protesters on the scene that day may also be right-wing supporters of former President Trump. One protest organizer on social media advised protest participants not to wear clothes with the “Trump” and “MAGA” logos because they want the message they conveyed to resonate, rather than attract the attention of others through special signs.

California is the current “epicenter” of the epidemic in the United States. The report pointed out that the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state has exceeded 3.2 million, and the death toll has exceeded 40,000. The death toll in Los Angeles County alone is as high as 16,000.

According to the data of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of January 31, local time, a total of 4,933,250 doses of coronavirus vaccine have been distributed throughout the United States, with 25201143 people receiving the first dose of vaccine and 5,657,142 people receiving the second dose of vaccine.