Home Politics Myanmar’s military declared a state of emergency.
Myanmar's military declared a state of emergency.

Myanmar’s military declared a state of emergency.

by YCPress

February 1st the Myanmar military issued a statement saying that in accordance with the constitutional provisions, a one-year state of emergency was implemented, and the presidential palace announced the transfer of state power to the commander-in-chief of the National Defense Forces, Min Aung Lai.

According to foreign media reports, soldiers appeared on the streets of Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar, and soldiers were also deployed outside Yangon City Hall.

U Myu Nyu, spokesman for Myanmar’s ruling party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), said on the 1st that Myanmar’s senior state government Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, President Wen Min and some senior NLD officials have been detained by the military. The spokesman also said that based on what is seen so far, it has to be speculated that the military is launching a coup.

On the 1st, Mr. Liu, who works in Yangon, introduced the latest local situation to the reporter of the Global Times and said that the environment is relatively chaotic but the overall situation is relatively safe.

There are significantly fewer vehicles on the street, and the main access channels of the city are blocked. “The network of mobile phone operators has been cut off. At present, the WIFI network can still be used, but The network may be disconnected at noon.

Regarding the coup, Mr. Liu said that there were “early signs”. The military had warmed up for several days, but the Burmese people were still not prepared.

He said that the psychology of the Myanmar people is relatively contradictory at present. On the one hand, the poor performance of the NLD has caused dissatisfaction among some middle and senior officials, and some people miss the military junta. On the other hand, lower-class nationalism prevails, and some people are resolutely unwilling to enter the military junta period again.

Mr. Zheng, an employee of a private enterprise in Myanmar, told the reporter of Global Times on the 1st that he did not dare to go out today and had not go shopping.

He heard that the convenience store in the community is now out of stock because of the rush to buy materials. There are also some daily necessities at home that can last for a few days.

He said that he could not return to China due to the epidemic this Spring Festival, and now this kind of thing is happening, which worries him a little.

For the Burmese people, the lower income during the epidemic has led to an increase in crime rates, and now facing political turmoil, Mr. Zheng said, life is undoubtedly “adding up the ice”.

2020 is hard, and it’s even harder to start 2021.” He said, “The Burmese people are the poorest. They are patriotic, but political things are ‘no choice’.”