Home Politics Prime Minister Of Armenia’s wife would go to Naqqa to participated war
Prime Minister Of Armenia's wife would go to Naqqa to participated war

Prime Minister Of Armenia’s wife would go to Naqqa to participated war

by YCPress

October 27, the wife of Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan announced on Tuesday that she would participate in military training courses to start combat training and “protect the borders of homeland” in the Naka region. So far, the armed forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan have entered the second month of fighting in the Naka region.

42-year-old Anna Hakobyan (Anna Hakobyan) wrote on Facebook: “A task force of 13 women including myself will begin military training.” Hakobyan said, “This A small team will set off within a few days to help defend the national border.”

According to the analysis of the Russian “Viewpoint”, the lady’s move is intended to “make a national mobilization and set an example for the people.” More Russian netizens said in a message that no one would let the prime minister’s wife go to the frontline. Madam’s move is more like a public relations behavior, the purpose is to mobilize the people to “voluntarily participate in war.”

Since August, this is the second combat training for Hakobyan. At a military base in the Naka region, she and a group of local women received a seven-day combat training course, including physical fitness and weapon training. Prior to this, on October 5th, Khakobjan’s 20-year-old son Ashote voluntarily went to the front line and only recently returned from compulsory military service.

It is worth mentioning that the United States announced on Sunday that Armenia and Azerbaijan have reached a ceasefire agreement. The ceasefire was planned to begin at 8 am local time on Monday, but new conflicts broke out on the same day.

On September 27, 2020, armed conflict broke out again in the Naka region. Thousands of soldiers have been killed on both Armenia and Azerbaijan. During this period (October 10th, 18th and 26th) the two sides had declared an armistice three times, but each armistice was immediately broken. The two sides accused each other of failing to comply with the ceasefire agreement.