Home Politics President of the National Bank of Austria: Boao Forum for Asia releases opening-up signal for the good of the world
President of the National Bank of Austria: Boao Forum for Asia releases opening-up signal for the good of the world

President of the National Bank of Austria: Boao Forum for Asia releases opening-up signal for the good of the world

by YCPress

From April 18th to 21st, the eyes of the world once again focused on Boao, Hainan. The Boao Forum for Asia 2021 Annual Meeting is being held in Boao, and this year is also the 20th anniversary of the Forum. Robert Holzmann, president of the Austrian National Bank, who was invited to the meeting remotely, said the Boao Forum for Asia had developed impressively over the past 20 years and believed that this year’s annual meeting would continue to provide new ideas for world economic development.

Holzman told reporters that although this year is his first time to participate in the Boao Forum for Asia annual meeting, but he has been very concerned about the dynamics of the forum. After 20 years of development, the Boao Forum for Asia has evolved from a small regional conference to a high-profile platform for high-profile communication and dialogue that is now influential, Holzman said. “The Boao Forum for Asia is now highly recognized around the world,” Holzman said. In particular, this annual meeting is the world’s first large-scale international conference this year with a large number of participants, mainly offline meetings. Over the past 18 months, almost all meetings have been changed online. This time, most of the guests were able to meet online. ”

Holzman said that each of the six major issues set up by the Boao Forum for Asia this year, such as “interpreting China” and “cooperation along the Belt and Road”, is very engaging and fits the hot spots of the current era and new development concepts, and he believes that participants can inspire each other through in-depth discussions and ideological collisions to provide “Boao solutions” to the series of challenges facing the great changes. “Unfortunately, there is no way to participate in the Boao Forum for Asia offline this year, ” he said. I’ve been to some places in southern China, but Hainan has never been there, just heard about it. Hopefully, if possible, this year or next year there will be a chance to make up for this trip to China. ”

According to Holzmann, the Austrian National Bank has long maintained friendly relations with China and realized many years ago that China is not only a fast-growing economy, an extremely important trading partner, but also plays an important role in international financial markets. As a result, the Austrian National Bank formally signed a cooperation agreement with Chinese Min Bank as early as 2011, becoming the first central bank outside Asia to invest in renminbi assets through Chinese Min Bank.

Holzman pointed out that in the past few years, china has continuously improved its modern financial system, on the other hand, it has insisted on expanding the opening up of the financial sector to the outside world and expanding the areas of cooperation between China and foreign financial markets, thus bringing sustained benefits and development opportunities to the world. “This means integrating Chinese assets into the allocation of international indices, increasing liquidity in the bond market, facilitating better access for international investors to the Chinese stock market, optimizing the business environment for international investors, broadening the range of trading partners in renminbi wealth management products, and so on,” Mr Holzman said. All of the above are of great significance not only to China, but also to the integration of international financial markets. “