Home Politics George W. Bush Called Biden and Congratulation him for winning Election
George W. Bush Called Biden and Congratulation him for winning Election

George W. Bush Called Biden and Congratulation him for winning Election

by YCPress

President George W. Bush Called Biden and Congratulation him for winning Election. recently issued a statement saying that the general election in the United States was honest and fair, but US President Trump has the right to request a recount. Bush said that he had called Biden, who won the US election, and the two had a conversation on the phone. He said, “Although we are politically divided, I know that Biden is a person who can lead and unite our country.”

However, Bush Jr. also sent congratulations to US President Trump and his supporters, saying that he had carried out an arduous campaign. He pointed out that Trump won more than 70 million votes, “this is a remarkable achievement in the political field.”

At the same time, former US President George W. Bush also mentioned the most important issue of this campaign, that is, Trump “has the right to request a recount and file a lawsuit, and the court will resolve all disputed issues.” Bush said that the result of the election is obvious because he “can assure all Americans that the election is completely fair and just.”


It is worth noting that former US Presidents Obama and Clinton, and even the oldest President Carter congratulated Biden on his victory. But Trump now does not admit that he lost the election and claims that the election is far from over. He said that because the Democratic Party repeatedly violated the rules during the election period, he would file a lawsuit in the court on the counting of votes.

It can be seen from this that now former US President Bush Jr. has understood that the US presidential election is an act of showing the world the American democratic system, not a show of political coalition to oppress Trump. It can be seen that the Democrats want to win fairness and justice and obtain the approval of the US Supreme Court. This is the most critical. So in this election, who or countries are ashamed?

First of all, when US President Trump did not announce his defeat, Western countries collectively congratulated Biden. Although the former US Vice President Biden won this US presidential election, this matter has not been confirmed by the US Supreme Court.

In view of this, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries have congratulated the former US Vice President Biden, which is obviously too haste. Obviously, Biden had promised to unite with his allies. This empty check is very tempting to these countries; on the contrary, Russia’s position is correct.

Russian press spokesman Peskov made it clear that he would not congratulate any elected president until the end of the US presidential election process. This shows that Russia is still more cautious.

Second, the US media now seems to support former US Vice President Biden, and at the same time marked a fact check on Trump’s remarks. However, Twitter recently stated that it will not block Trump’s remarks because the election has not yet been completed.

Therefore, the American media was too anxious, leading those members of the “white supremacists” and “proud boys” organizations to believe that the American media caused the tearing of American society and the American media was the culprit. They said they would never compromise with Biden. It can be said that the collective carnival of the American media made Biden’s unity strategy invalid.

Trump seems to be facing a trial now. In fact, what Trump is conducting is an election competition, and the American media and the American people are mocking him as a loser. This is obviously a lack of magnanimity. Trump’s supporters were furious. This also disguised the failure of Biden’s idea of ​​unifying the American people’s thinking, prompting those die-hard Trump fans to resolutely not unite with the American media and Biden’s supporters.

This shows that the former US Vice President Biden is still facing a divided American society.

Third, without any actual evidence, the campaign team of US President Trump accused the US election of fraud, making the US election embarrassing in front of the world and making US democracy and the rule of law very indecent.

On January 20 next year, they may not attend Biden’s inauguration. This may be the only inauguration that does not bless the next president after the end of the US presidential administration in recent decades.

Of course, US President Trump may never admit that he has lost the election because he still has 71 million supporters. At the same time, Biden may not be able to solve the social problems in the United States, so Trump is likely to continue to participate in politics.

It has to be said that the social class in the United States is torn apart, which in the end caused the US election to look very ugly, and Western countries have stood in line, which has made the entire Western politics doubtful. It can be said that Western politics has become excessively profitable, and has not shown the ideals of democracy, fairness and freedom. So now the American social system should be reformed.

However, from the recent information released by former US Vice President Biden, it can be seen that more adjustments are in terms of social and people’s livelihood, and have not touched the fundamentals of the American capitalist social system. Biden’s strategy is first to curb the new coronavirus epidemic, and then to return the U.S. industrial chain, while allowing high-income companies to pay more taxes. Of course, they must also do a lot in industrial and infrastructure construction. Hard work.

However, the fundamental problem has not been resolved, or that the new US government has no ability to solve such problems. In fact, the fundamental problem is how to adjust the social structure of the United States under the imbalance caused by technological development.