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Pompeo made a high-profile announcement to open an embassy in the Maldives

by YCPress

Haiwai.com, October 28, “Besides use, will the United States really care about these countries?” US Secretary of State Pompeo announced on social media on the evening of the 28th that the United States plans to open an embassy in the Maldives, triggering foreign netizens to issue such interrogations.

Pompeo visited Sri Lanka on the 28th local time. That evening, he made a high-profile announcement on social media that the United States plans to open an embassy in Male

and claimed that the United States is “proud” to form a partnership with the Maldives on regional security. 

The impure motives made foreign netizens ridicule. Netizens who knew the truth also revealed the truth of the sudden announcement by the US.

Soon after Pompeo announced his tweet, a British netizen issued a soul torture in the comment area, “Does this mean that the United States is not a predator country? Why is the United States suddenly interested in this small country that it never cared about before? Apart from these countries earning their own interests, will the United States really care about them?”

“If the United States really cares about them, why didn’t they extend a helping hand to these countries before?” a netizen replied.

In the comment area, there is no shortage of netizens saying that the people of Maldives are wary of the United States, “The people of this country should be vigilant if the devil wants to enter the Maldives.

“The American dictator is here, watch out.”

Pompeo will visit India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia on the 26th. However, long before Pompeo arrived in Sri Lanka, he first touched his nose. 

Members of the Sri Lankan political party “People’s Liberation Front” gathered across the US embassy on the 27th to protest Pompeo’s visit to Sri Lanka. 

The spokesperson of the party issued a statement on Pompeo’s visit that day, expressing the aspirations of the Sri Lankan people.

The statement accused the United States of violating the principles of international cooperation and wantonly bullying other countries in order to safeguard its own interests. 

Pompeo’s trip was an attempt to intervene in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, forcing the country to engage in an unnecessary and costly power struggle. This has nothing to do with the US’s previous commitment to “build a democratic, independent and strong Sri Lanka.”

The party called on the people of Sri Lanka to unite and resist the US’s destruction of Sri Lanka’s national sovereignty and independence.