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Pompeo is going to leave Trump alone?

by YCPress

British “Times” website reported on November 21 that when President Trump was thinking about his next move in the White House, his closest political allies had already stepped onto the world stage to pursue his own presidential ambitions.

According to the report, Pompeo’s unusual post-election trip to Europe and the Middle East has freed him from the Republican circle of trying to deal with the president’s uncompromising attitude, and has attracted attention.

On Thursday, he became the first U.S. Secretary of State to set foot on Israeli settlements on the West Bank, overturning decades of diplomatic agreements to show support for Israel’s expansion into territories claimed by the Palestinians.

The report also stated that this trip has nothing to do with any government policy, but to promote goals that are important to Pompeo and evangelical voters.

Alan David Miller, a US expert on Middle East issues, tweeted: “This has nothing to do with Trump or Netanyahu’s politics. It is about Pompeo and 2024.”

The report pointed out that evangelical voters constitute an important part of Trump’s basic plan, and Trump cultivated this part through pro-Israel policies.

However, unlike Trump, Pompeo is actually an evangelical who integrates religious beliefs and policies.