Home Politics Pointing fire everywhere to dig holes for the new government, Pompeo staged “Doomsday Crazy”
Pointing fire everywhere to dig holes for the new government, Pompeo staged "Doomsday Crazy"

Pointing fire everywhere to dig holes for the new government, Pompeo staged “Doomsday Crazy”

by YCPress

“In another 26 hours, you can only follow me through my personal account.” Just as the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States is about to be held, Secretary of State Pompeo is still using the official account of the Secretary of State to attract fans on his personal account on the social networking website.

Moreover, since the end of 2020, Pompeo has madly used this official account to blame the Trump administration, boast of his “achievements” during his tenure at the State Department, and attacked China, Russia, Cuba, Iran and other countries with a large number of old lies and false information, especially against In China, the number of articles sent a day is as many as 20 or 30.

Pompeo’s “apocalyptic madness” and “success” on social networking sites attracted the attention of the international community, but it was mostly criticized and satirized.

Crazy “brushing the sense of existence” was criticized

With the inauguration ceremony of the President of the United States approaching, most of the current U.S. government officials are busy preparing for the handover, but Pompeo has been throwing out so-called “major foreign policy” for some time, from announcing that the Houthi in Yemen will be listed as a terrorist organization and Cuba will be re-listed as a “supporting terrorism” country.

Claiming that Iran is associated with the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, it announced the lifting of restrictions on Taiwan-US exchanges in flagrant violation of the one-China principle.

Even the day before the inauguration ceremony, the last day of his tenure, he took the last step and announced that China was officially identified that China was against the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang and other minorities. The nation has committed “genocide” and “anti-human” crimes, which is also the most serious slander for China’s Xinjiang affairs so far.

These so-called “major foreign policies” are aimed at influencing the incoming Biden administration. However, analysts point out that Pompeo’s behavior does not completely kidnap the Biden administration’s foreign policy.

The Guardian recently quoted a senior Democratic official as saying that Pompeo’s traps that have been setting may be cleared without spending too much political capital, because “the damage caused by Trump and Pompeo is largely caused by administrative acts, so it can also be twisted through administrative actions. Turn.

These so-called “major foreign policies” released by Pompeo are the same as the recent “political achievements” and lies that attack other countries on social networking sites, which clearly show its political intention.

Major international media have also interpreted Pompeo’s crazy catharsis on social media platforms and foreign affairs on the eve of his departure, believing that Pompeo’s move is to put obstacles to the coming Biden administration and to accumulate political capital for his personal political prospects.

Thailand’s Bangkok Post said: “When defeated troops retreat, if they have time, they will always plant mines on the road. Mines can slow down the opponent’s pursuit and cause casualties to the winner…

That’s what Pompeo is doing now.” Unlike hidden mines, Pompeo is setting fire openly, which is why a European foreign minister recently called Pompeo a “political arsonist” and is implementing a “scorched earth” policy.

Throughout Pompeo’s recent tweets, videos, pictures, retweets and other forms are omni-use, and basically every 30 minutes. Among them, the most used means are poster propaganda, that is, shouting political slogans, or directly stating obviously false lies, such as “COVID-19 originated from the Wuhan virus research institute” and “China uses 5G and other technologies in the military field” and other old and unfounded conspiracy theories.

Pompeo quoted himself and Trump’s quotations from time to time in these tweets, accompanied by photos of himself or Trump, and spreads the China threat theory, as if in this old-fashioned way of replaying can distort the facts and convince people that the United States is still a beacon to guard world peace and lead the free world.

A comment on the website of Foreign Policy pointed out that Pompeo’s tweets show that a shrewd member of this administration is carefully designing and shaping his political legacy.

This will work for some Americans, because Pompeo caters to this part of the American perception of his self-image when he pretends to have created diplomatic miracles.

The Guardian pointed out that Pompeo may not be recognized by many people as a predication for becoming president, but Trump lowered the presidential threshold.

Pompeo’s recent focus is not on Biden’s inauguration, but on how he defeated Democrats in the 2024 presidential campaign.

He also did not try to cover up his behavior of laying the foundation for the 2024 election. The article said, “If Pompeo is, he will become the next Trump.

This is a worrying prospect for the United States and the world.” The New York Times commented that “Selfishness at the expense of the national interest is not a symbol of a respectable diplomat or patriot.”

Pompeo wrote in his profile on his official Twitter account that he was a proud Kansas man, but even the Kansas City Star criticized the former congressman from the state, saying that Pompeo’s tenure made the world look at the United States with sad, anger and pity.

“He has been in the past few “America will be better when Pompeo leaves office,” in mid-month to do everything possible to undermine the foreign policy of the incoming Biden administration.

Kansas would be better if he decided to stay away from his ‘hometown’ forever.”

Abuse of government resources for political ambitions

No matter how Pompeo whitewashes himself and what the Trump administration has done during his term, the recent political and social chaos in the United States has made the world clearly aware of the disillusionment of American myths.

Pompeo has recently repeatedly posted posters with “America First” on his Twitter.

As he said, it is with “America first” as a guide to action, the Trump administration has withdrawn from more than 10 international treaties such as the Paris Agreement and the INF Treaty, attacked the WHO and other international organizations, “blame” China for its ineffectiveness in fighting the epidemic, and also threatened and lured other countries to choose sides and go naked unilaterally internationally. The road of doctrine.

The Trump administration even treats its traditional allies in Europe to be self-respecting. The United States and Europe have many differences in recent years on counter-terrorism, military spending and trade negotiations.

Trump administration announced sanctions against European companies involved in the “North Stream-2” oil and gas pipeline project that cooperates with Europe and Russia.

Its withdrawal from the Open Sky Treaty has deepened the EU’s understanding of unilateralism in the United States. Recently The political chaos in the United States has also attracted criticism from many European leaders.

Pompeo’s planned last foreign visit to Europe was also cancelled due to the refusal of European officials to meet with him.

Analysts point out that “America First” is essentially a political slogan shouted by politicians to win domestic voters in the election, which should not have appeared in multilateral diplomatic settings, let alone been repeatedly mentioned by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

Pompeo’s importance of this political slogan undoubtedly exposes his personal political ambitions.

In fact, many Americans are not interested in Pompeo, believing that he has been using his position to make partisan speeches and adjust American foreign policy to his own views, and insisting that their political interests are above the United States first.

The U.S. Secretary of State, who often stands with demonstrators in other countries, has been silent for a long time when facing the domestic “black life is also life” march and the demonstrators’s capture of Capitol Hill.

In a political speech at the headquarters of the state-funded government’s voice Voice of America (VOA) on the 11th, Pompeo denounced the agency’s reporters for less criticism of the United States, the “world’s greatest country”.

However, his speech was accused of endangering public health and safety and wasting government resources.

And a White House correspondent who asked Pompeo a sharp question was transferred for no reason, which triggered a joint letter from 24 press offices demanding the resignation of the VOA leader.

In an attempt to accuse the censorship restrictions on speech issued by Pompeo on the 19th, he said that ideas such as multiculturalism are not the essence of the United States.

They distort the connotation of the country since its founding, and that the enemies of the United States have contributed to these differences, because they know that this will make the United States more Weak.

This statement was immediately counterattacked by netizens, accusing Pompeo of racism and completely misunderstood the development history of the country created by many races in the United States.

Obviously, Pompeo’s “doomsday madness” of the worst Secretary of State in history, which has been rated by many mainstream American media, has not received much echo.

Although his term is over, Pompeo’s negative image of the United States in the past four years and his deliberate political legacy in recent days will become the new U.S. government. Problems that need to be solved.