Home Politics Pikachu was spotted in a street protest in Chile
Pikachu was spotted in a street protest in Chile

Pikachu was spotted in a street protest in Chile

by YCPress
Video screenshot (Source: RT)

Russian Television (RT) on November 1, a video taken at the site of a protest in Chile showed that riot police were fighting with a Pikachu. The demonstrator dressed as “Pikachu” is named Gewana Grandon.

Her local nickname is “Aunt Pikachu” and she is famous for dressing up as Pikachu to participate in various anti-government rallies.

A video posted on social media showed Grandon, known as “Aunt Pikachu,” and several other activists dancing on the streets of San Diego.

One of the activists was wearing a green dinosaur costume. 

The group of people was “interrupted” by a police car driving a high-pressure water gun, and the police car passed them slowly.

Video screenshot (Source: RT)

Subsequently, heavily armed police approached the radical protesters, surrounded Grandon, and pushed her aside. Finally “Pikachu” fell to the ground. 

Subsequently, several demonstrators were detained in police cars. When Grandon tried to argue with the police, he was sprayed with pepper on his face, covered his eyes and fell to the ground.

After the dispute, Grandon wrote on social media that her colleague Oscar Brenet Arias was detained for carrying the Mapuche flag. Arias often dressed as a clown to participate in street protests. Grandon also criticized the police for using violence.

She said: “Our demonstration was peaceful, with music and dancing.”

Video screenshot (Source: RT)

Chilean protests began more than a year ago, initially triggered by the rise of subway fares in the fall of 2020, and then the protests expanded to condemn income inequality and demonstrators demand improved living standards. 

Grandon stated that he appeared in the protests as “Pikachu” because young people like animation and hope to resonate.