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One Day Left for Election, Fauci And Trump Completely Fell Out

One Day Left for Election, Fauci And Trump Completely Fell Out

by YCPress

One Day Left for Election, Fauci And Trump Completely Fell Out

There is only one day left before the 2020 US presidential election. At this critical moment, US President Trump, who is seeking re-election, has a “head blow”: Trump’s White House Epidemic Response Team’s senior infectious disease expert Fauci, in In an interview with the US media, he not only criticized the Trump administration’s epidemic prevention policy, but also praised the many practices of Trump’s rival Biden.

This also made Trump, the White House, and a large number of Trump supporters extremely dissatisfied, and even threatened to expel

Judging from the reports of many American mainstream media, the reason for the complete fallout between the Trump administration and Fauci was a criticism of

Trump published by Fauci in an interview with the Washington Post last Saturday. The authorities’ remarks on epidemic prevention measures.


In this interview, the authoritative American infectious disease expert known as the revealed that since October, he has rarely been interviewed by US President Trump.

This is because of him. The assessment and judgment of the epidemic does not meet Trump’s political needs.

“Suddenly, they didn’t like the information we delivered because it was not what they wanted,” Fauci said.

“They wanted medical information that was consistent with what they said.”

What information? Judging from the Washington Post’s interview with Fauci, the Trump administration actually viewed the epidemic from the perspective of how to maintain economic development and reopen the United States, so the message they hope to convey is that the epidemic is almost over. Everything is returning to normal. What Fauci is worried about is that with the advent of autumn and winter, if the United States is not prepared for epidemic prevention, it may cause the epidemic to worsen again. As a result, there was a conflict between the two parties.

Washington Post

Fauci also said in the interview that Scott Atlas, another expert of the White House Epidemic Response Team, which is currently used by the Trump administration, is the most troublesome for him, because this person does not actually understand the issue of infectious diseases.

But always catered to the Trump administration’s wrong suggestions, and even planned to advocate a policy similar to “herd immunity”.

Fauci said that although Atlas himself denied that he wanted to promote “herd immunity” in the United States, arguing that he only believed that the virus could spread naturally among healthy young people while protecting vulnerable people, but Fauci said Judging from his 50-year medical practice, this statement is irresponsible and even ignorant, because even if some people can recover from the new coronavirus infection, they may also have other chronic health problems because of this. It is wrong to let the infection appear if you can’t die, and think that you can recover if you can’t die.

Washington Post

Therefore, Fauci believes in the interview that instead of the Trump administration’s blindly looking at problems from an economic perspective, being misled by people like Atlas to downplay the urgency of epidemic prevention and the importance of masks, he believes that from the public From a health perspective, Biden, who frequently wears a mask and appears in public, at least shows that he is more serious about the epidemic.

Washington Post

In addition, from the report of the Washington Post, Fauci also mentioned that although some large cities and regions in the United States have been tempered by the epidemic in the past year

They have already had some ideas on how to deal with the impact of the epidemic on medical resources. Prepared and experienced, but there are some regions that are not yet ready, especially in the Midwestern and Western states of the United States.

But embarrassingly, of the four states named by Fauci, all three states except Nevada (that is, Utah, South Dakota, and North Dakota) voted in the 2016 presidential election Supported Trump. 

In other words, Fauci’s remarks are tantamount to saying that states that support Trump are more prone to insufficient preparations when responding to the epidemic.

Washington Post

Therefore, when the Washington Post’s interview with Fauci was published, supporters from Trump to the White House to Trump all expressed strong dissatisfaction with Fauci’s statement.

CNN report, the White House angrily denounced Fauci’s remarks as “unacceptable” in a statement. 

The statement also alleged that Fauci is not only a senior member of Trump’s new crown virus working group, but has been praising Trump’s response measures before

So he is now suddenly throwing out this attack on the Trump administration. It can only show that he wants to “play politics before the election.”

This White House statement also expressed particular dissatisfaction with the part of Fauci’s recognition of Biden, saying that as a member of the Trump administration’s working group

Fauci should have spoken to the government and promoted policy changes instead of criticizing the media. Trump, on the other hand, “expressed his political leanings and supported Biden.”


Associated Press report, at Trump’s latest campaign rally, Trump’s supporters chanted the slogan “Expelling Fauci”, and Trump said that he would consider it after the election. This matter.

In this regard, some foreign media analyzed that although Trump had previously wanted to expel Fauci, he had worried that doing so near the election might have counterproductive effects because of Fauci’s reputation and respect in society. Still very high. 

But now he publicly stated that he would consider expelling Fauci, and it was still only one day before the election, which may indicate that the conflict between the two is really irreconcilable.

Associated Press