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Pakistan lifts TikTok's ban again

Pakistan lifts TikTok’s ban again

by YCPress

According to India Today on the 20th, the Pakistan Telecom Authority lifted the ban on TikTok again; after four months of ban, Pakistani users will resume the normal use of this popular app again.

According to the report, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority said in a statement that the agency “has restored TikTok’s services” because TikTok has promised to control inappropriate content and prevent any users who repeatedly upload “illegal content”.

According to the statement, the last ban of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority was on July 20, and since then, it has been communicating with TikTok management. “In view of the continuous communication, the senior management of the platform assured the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority that it will take the necessary measures in accordance with local laws and social norms. Control illegal content.”

The report mentioned that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority imposed four bans on TikTok, which were eventually lifted. The report also said that TikTok is very popular in Pakistan, downloading 3900 million times in the past few years.