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Ontario, Canada , "sealed" and enforced "home order"

Ontario, Canada , “sealed” and enforced “home order”

by YCPress

April 16th, the Government of Ontario, Canada, announced measures to contain the worsening of the coronavirus outbreak, which was the most severe since the outbreak of coronavirus, including:

Extend the “home order” already in place to at least six weeks, and from 0:00 EST on 17 April, people will be prohibited from gathering outdoors, with religious activities, weddings, funerals, etc. restricted to 10 people.

Police were given the power to inspect pedestrians to determine their purpose in leaving the house, including stopping vehicles and issuing fines of up to C$750.

Inspectors can examine law firms, accounting firms, etc. to determine whether only the necessary staff are retained in their offices.

From 0:00 on 19 April, traffic checkpoints will be set up at the provincial boundary, and residents of the neighbouring provinces of Quebec and Manitoba will be restricted from entering the country unless they have to travel as a last resort.

Ontario is the first provincial government in Canada to implement such draconian measures since the outbreak began.