Home Politics Old confused? Biden put such a message at Taiwan in order to get out of Afghanistan!
Old confused? Biden put such a message at Taiwan in order to get out of Afghanistan!

Old confused? Biden put such a message at Taiwan in order to get out of Afghanistan!

by YCPress

August 18 interview with ABC, U.S. President Joe Biden responded to the “unreliable” question by saying, “The U.S. has made a sacred commitment to Article 5, and if anyone invades or takes action against our NATO allies, the U.S. will respond, as will Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.” This is simply not comparable (with Afghanistan).

Linking NATO Article 5 to Taiwan? This is a statement that has never been stated before by American officials. Old Hu suspected that Biden, who had made the knotted statement, was old-fashioned and wondered if he knew exactly what he was talking about. Because what he said was something that no one at any level in the United States has ever said. Biden’s loss of face in Afghanistan, his fierce attacks on American public opinion, and his rebuke from allies are undoubtedly his worst moments since taking office. He was anxious to save his face and was embarrassed.

Whatever Biden says, it is empty talk without real strategic resolve and actual military readiness. Is Biden, who has just made his way from Afghanistan, qualified to say that?

China will never accept Biden’s threat that its strong military capabilities and national will will defy him. If the Biden administration insists that moving from “strategic ambiguity” to publicly expressing security for Taiwan would constitute a break with the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, they will have to prepare for a much bigger storm. Under such circumstances, the mainland will certainly make a tit-for-tat adjustment of the strategy of the Taiwan Strait, and the Taiwan Strait will enter a new period of higher intensity game. At that time, it would be more unbearable to see whose hearts and nerves were Chinese mainland, the United States and Taiwan.

Lao Hu here to warn the island’s “Taiwan independence” forces, Hugh to jump into Biden spit out a spit swimming. The United States “cannot protect” Taiwan, and what they are really willing to do is encourage Taiwan to confront the mainland and use Taiwan’s power to restrain its development. What they want is “Taiwan fights for itself” and, more accurately, “Taiwan fights for the United States”, not the United States fights for Taiwan.

If the Taiwan authorities make the wisdom faint, under the U.S. side under the red line of the Anti-secession Law, will certainly become the victims of the strategic interests of the United States. In that case, Taiwan would become a veritable “powder keg” in East Asia, and eventually explode, being pushed to its destruction by the United States and the DPP authorities.