Home Business Oil prices rise! The price of gold has risen! European stocks “rising”! But some companies have lost more than 30 billion yuan! What’s the situation?
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Oil prices rise! The price of gold has risen! European stocks “rising”! But some companies have lost more than 30 billion yuan! What’s the situation?

by YCPress

U.S. stocks fell from record highs on the 6th, and the S&P 500 index hit a new high in intraday trading.

On Tuesday, U.S. time, U.S. stocks gasped for a little after two consecutive days of sharp rise. The three major stock indexes rose first and then fell, among which the Dow closed down 0.29%, and the S&P 500 index once hit a new record high in intraday trading, but finally closed down 0.1%, while the Navsnasweed slightly down 0.05%.

Job vacancies in the United States hit a two-year high in February, and the job market improved significantly.

The U.S. Department of Labor reported on Tuesday that the number of job vacancies in the United States increased from 7.1 million to 7.367 million in February, a two-year high. Overall, the number of unemployed people corresponding to each job vacancy has dropped significantly from the peak level of 5.0 in mid-year last year to about 1.5, indicating a significant improvement in the job market.

U.S. stocks such as airlines and cruises continue to rise.

In terms of sub-items, the number of vacancies in the accommodation, catering services and retail industry has soared. Aviation and cruise stocks continue the recent rise. As the coronavirus vaccination process in the United States progresses smoothly, the number of American Airlines travel has increased, and cruise travel is also recovering. Norwegian cruise companies announced plans to resume flights in many parts of the world on Tuesday. In addition, the yield of long-term U.S. Treasury bonds continued to fall. As of press time, the yield on 10-year U.S. bonds fell six basis points to 1.66%, to a one-week low.

European stock index index hits a new high. Credit Suisse lost nearly $4.7 billion in the “explosive position disturbance”.

European stock markets returned from the holiday, and the Pan-Eurostock 600 Index recovered all the declines since the outbreak of the epidemic and reached an all-time high. All three major European stock markets also closed higher, and British Prime Minister Johnson announced that he would open some “non-essential” business activities from next week, boosting the London stock market to rise 1.28%. In addition, the Paris and Frankfurt stock markets closed higher than 0.47% and 0.7% respectively, both of which hit new intraday and closing highs. At the corporate level, Credit Suisse’s share price continued to fall 0.4% on Tuesday since last week’s sharp decline. Credit Suisse announced that the U.S. hedge fund burst caused nearly $4.7 billion (about 30.7 billion yuan) in losses to the company.

Strong economic data boost crude oil prices

Crude oil prices rose significantly on Tuesday, with U.S. WTI light crude oil futures for May delivery closing at $59.33 a barrel and Brent crude oil futures for June delivery closing at $62.74 a barrel. The recent strong economic data released by many countries has boosted oil prices.

Yields on US dollar and US bonds weaken, gold prices rise

Gold rose on Tuesday, and the gold futures for June delivery closed at $1,743 per ounce. Analysis believes that the dollar index and U.S. bond yields have fallen one after another, boosting gold prices. However, technically, the rise of gold prices still faces some resistance.