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Number of Coronavirus infections surges, Spain declares a state of emergency again

by YCPress

October 26. According to foreign media reports, in order to curb the surge in the number of pandemic infections, Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez declared a new national emergency on the 25th local time, requiring all regions except the Canary Islands to implement it. Curfew.

Sanchez said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, “We are in an extreme situation.”

Catalonia is one of the first regions to implement a curfew under the new measures. It is said that the local curfew took effect at 10 pm on the 25th, and facilities open to the public must close at 9 pm. Other areas that announced a curfew from the night of the 25th include Cantabria and Rioja.

In addition, according to the new regulations, the number of people in the assembly will be limited to six people.

According to reports, the Spanish national emergency requires parliamentary approval to continue for more than 15 days, but Sanchez requested the parliament to extend the deadline to May 9.

According to reports, Spain implemented the most severe blockade measures in the early stages of the epidemic. As the epidemic slowed down, the country gradually relaxed restrictions in the summer. 

In recent weeks, Spain’s epidemic has rebounded strongly, and it has become one of the countries with the highest number of infections among Western European countries. Currently, the number of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Spain has exceeded 1 million.