Home World Dutch police foiled a car bomb criminal plot at Schiphol Airport
Dutch police foiled a car bomb criminal plot at Schiphol Airport

Dutch police foiled a car bomb criminal plot at Schiphol Airport

by YCPress

Dutch police seized cars containing explosives at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to thwart criminal conspiracy

China News Service, Brussels, October 26 Amsterdam: According to Dutch media reports, the Dutch police seized a car containing explosives at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on the 25th, frustrating the criminal conspiracy of the two suspects in the car.

The Dutch News Agency (ANP) quoted a spokesperson for the Dutch gendarmerie as saying that in the early morning of the 25th local time, the gendarmerie on duty patrolling the highway around Schiphol Airport found a car on the road suspiciously, and decided to follow the car and intercept it until it was in the parking lot of Schiphol Airport.

The vehicle was stopped for inspection, and eventually searched by EOD personnel and found that explosives were hidden in the vehicle. Two suspects, a man and a woman, were arrested at the scene and received further inquiry.

The spokesperson of the Dutch gendarmerie did not disclose the type of explosives, only that the two suspects are currently suspected of attempting to rob or commit other crimes by driving their cars and are now “controllable.”

The Dutch news agency said that the parking lot and surrounding areas of Schiphol Airport were once blocked by the gendarmerie. It returned to normal later on the 25th.

As the Dutch aviation hub and the largest passenger airport, this is the second vicious incident that occurred at Schiphol Airport this month. On the evening of October 5th, local time, a man brandished a knife in the departure hall of the airport to “confront” the military police on duty. The military police persuaded the man to be invalid and shot the man in the leg to subdue him.

Afterwards, the Dutch military police said that the man involved in the case caused trouble to airport passengers. Harassment, but there is no motivation for terrorist attacks.

In addition, on Christmas Eve 2017, a man brandished a knife into the office of the Dutch Gendarmerie at Schiphol Airport, causing the airport passengers to be evacuated. On New Year’s Eve 2019, a Canadian man threatened passing passengers with a knife and declared that he was A bomb was placed at the airport, but fortunately it was proved to be a “fraud.”