Home Politics North Korea’s foreign ministry criticized Biden’s speech
North Korea's foreign ministry criticized Biden's speech

North Korea’s foreign ministry criticized Biden’s speech

by YCPress

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry’s director of U.S. affairs, Kwon Zhenggen, issued a statement Tuesday criticizing U.S. President Joe Biden’s speech to Congress, KCNA reported Tuesday.

In his speech, Biden said North Korea “seriously threatens” U.S. and world security and responds with diplomacy and decisive containment, something North Korea often hears from Americans and is expected, the statement said.

In his first address, the U.S. authorities expressed their position on North Korea in such a way that North Korea could not condone it.

Biden’s remarks focused on U.S. intentions toward a hostile policy toward North Korea. The United States has always threatened North Korea with hostile policies and nuclear intimidation, instead denigrating the deterrent power of North Korea’s self-defense as a “threat”.

The “diplomacy” advocated by the United States is nothing more than a cover-up of their hostilities, and so-called “containment” is a means of threatening North Korea with nuclear weapons. Nuclear war drills against North Korea as soon as the new U.S. regime takes office have proved once again that the U.S. must develop a strong deterrent to deal with it.

The talks also said that since the main body of the new U.S. policy toward North Korea has been placed in front of the DPRK, the DPRK has to take corresponding measures.