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No matter how the international situation changes, China Russian relations still good

by YCPress

“China-Russia relations have a strong endogenous driving force and independent value, which is not affected by international vicissitudes and is not disturbed by any other factors.” On the evening of December 28, Chinese President Xi Jinping made the above statement during a telephone conversation with Russian President Putin.

In the midst of the century’s epidemic and a century of changes, as a model of win-win cooperation, China and Russia have become important stabilizing forces to maintain regional and world peace and security, and will continue to play an irreplaceable and important role.

This year, the COVID-19 epidemic superimposed with the unprecedented changes in a hundred years, profoundly changing the world and adding more uncertainty to the international situation. Nevertheless, China and Russia still maintain close exchanges and cooperation, working hand in hand to overcome difficulties. 

In the process of fighting against the epidemic, Russia was the first country to send a delegation of epidemic prevention experts to China, and China was the country that provided the most powerful support for the fight against the epidemic.

China and Russia successfully promoted the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union to jointly celebrate the victory of the world anti-fascist war and the establishment of the United Nations.

7 5th anniversary. In addition, China and Russia play an important leading role in the multilateral framework of the Group of 20, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the BRICS and other multilateral frameworks.

As President Xi Jinping pointed out on the phone call, real gold is not afraid of fire. At a time of crisis, the unique advantages and valuable values of Sino-Russian relations are becoming more and more prominent.

The two sides watched and helped each other, overcoming difficulties together, and continued to firmly support each other on issues involving each other’s core interests, reflecting the high level of mutual trust and friendship between the two countries. Wang Xianju, deputy director of the Russian Research Center of Renmin University of China-St. Petersburg State University, believes that the frequent telephone diplomacy between Chinese and Russian leaders make five calls a year, which not only reflects the good personal relations between the leaders of the two countries, but also reflects the close relationship between China and Russia.

2020 is an extraordinary year for China and Russia, and the upcoming 2021 is of more special significance – China and Russia will jointly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Sino-Russian Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation.

Looking back on its signature in 2001, the Treaty has provided a strong guarantee for the deepening and development of Sino-Russian relations and stipulates the general policy and principles of Sino-Russian relations.

The leaders of China and Russia highly praised this treaty. President Xi Jinping stressed on the phone that the concept of intergenerational friendship and the new principles of international relations established in the Sino-Russian Treaty of Good-Neighborly Friendship and Cooperation are a great innovation in the history of international relations, and its strong vitality and demonstration effect will continue to appear in the current international situation. President Putin said that the Treaty “is the heavior in the history of Russian-China relations. Milestones to be wanted.

Wang Xianju believes that unlike some previous friendship treaties, the Treaty has innovative content, such as “non-alignment, non-confrontation, non-targeting third countries”, abandoning the old thinking and old model of state relations during the cold war, and identifying a new type of mutual trust for security and mutual benefit for cooperation. Relationship pattern.

In this call between the leaders of the two countries, “strategy” has become a high-frequency word, such as strengthening the development of “strategic docking”, “strategic leadership role” and “strategic coordination”.

Against the backdrop of rising trends of trade protectionism and unilateralism and the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, the world is in a period of great change and adjustment.

How China and Russia respond to the global changes in the “post-epidemic era” is particularly critical. Taking advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty next year, I believe it will help China and Russia promote pragmatic cooperation between the two sides in a wider range, in a wider field and deeper level, and play a greater constructive role in global governance in the post-epidemic era.

Wang Xianju believes that the emphasis of the leaders of China and Russia on “strategy” reflects China’s intention to further deepen strategic cooperation between the two countries, and also shows that under the complex international situation, China and Russia will continue to work together to maintain international order.

Although this year has been hit by the epidemic and the instability and uncertainty of the international situation are more prominent, the development of Sino-Russian relations still shows a strong endogenous driving force and unique value. At present, the international community is going through the historical test of multilateralism and unilateral, cooperation and confrontation.

During the period of world turbulence and change, China and Russia will continue to develop in depth on the basis of the solid comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership in the new era, contributing more wisdom and strength to the maintenance of regional and world peace and security.