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Greece began to vaccinate high-risk groups such as medical staff against the novel coronavirus.

Argentina launches COVID-19 vaccination

by YCPress

Buenos Aires, December 29 Argentina began to launch the nationwide coronavirus vaccination on the 29th.

The first batch of 300,000 doses of “Sputnik V” vaccine developed by Russia will be mainly provided to front-line medical personnel.

On the same day, Argentine Health Minister González García said at a hospital in Buenos Aires, the capital, that Argentina was the first to vaccinate those at greater risk of infection against the novel coronavirus.

This will be the largest vaccination program in Argentina’s history.

Gonzalez Garcia said that the coronavirus vaccination plan will move forward at the national level and the progress will be consistent everywhere.

He called on the public to remain vigilant and abide by epidemic prevention measures.

On the 24th, the first batch of 300,000 doses of “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine arrived in Argentina from Moscow, the capital of Russia. According to the previously announced plan of the government, the first 300,000 doses of vaccine will be distributed to the provinces of Argentina, giving priority to the vaccination of health personnel.

Russia expects to supply a total of 10 million doses of vaccine to Argentina, most of which will be indirectly administered from January to February next year.

According to the data released by the Argentine Ministry of Health on the same day, 11,650 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported in the country, with a total of 1,602,163 confirmed cases; 151 new deaths, with a total of 43,018 deaths.