Home Politics Niu Tanqin: This incident is too ridiculous, and Trump has relied on China again!
Niu Tanqin: This incident is too ridiculous, and Trump has relied on China again!

Niu Tanqin: This incident is too ridiculous, and Trump has relied on China again!

by YCPress

People sitting in the house, the pot smashed from the sky.

After looking at the reaction, the Americans probably never expected that Trump would act like this: it was clearly the “last humiliation” in his tenure, but when he changed his mind, he actually relied on China again.

Early this morning, Beijing time (December 14), Trump sent two tweets in a row.

The first sigh: This is the most corrupt election in American history.

The second sigh again: Our national defense bill, the biggest winner is China, I want to veto it!

In the two tweets, all letters are capitalized, which shows Trump’s resentment.

But the first, as always, Trump sent out his front foot, and his back foot was labeled “suspected of fraud” by Twitter officials.

Second, many Americans are confused by the second monk. Can this be related to China? Moreover, China is still the biggest winner?

What is going on? The general situation is like this.

  • The US Congress recently passed a national defense authorization bill for fiscal year 2021, totaling 740.5 billion U.S. dollars, which is undoubtedly the number one in the world. Of course, this is not the subject of this article.
  • n the past 50 years or so, the National Defense Bill was passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives and the President finally signed it into force. This is a common practice. There are certainly partisan struggles, but they will not be seriously derailed.
  • I don’t know that this year, there really are waves on the ground. Before the Congress voted, Trump publicly threatened: If you do not make changes as I ask, I will veto this bill. Please note, veto! It is useless if your Congress passes it.
  • I don’t know that Congress is still coming. House of Representatives: 335 votes in favor and 78 votes against; Senate, 84 votes in favor and 13 votes against. According to the American media, this gave Trump a slap in the face: it is useless if you veto it. Because Congress voted more than two-thirds in favor, the veto was invalid.
  • At the last moment, I encountered the “last humiliation”, what should I do? Regardless of Trump, continue to tweet: I want to veto, China is the biggest winner!

Why did Trump react so much to this matter?

Because Trump is very upset.

According to the analysis of the American media, his dissatisfaction includes at least four aspects.

1. Trump believes that the national defense bill is “too weak,” and he actually agreed to change the names of some military bases to replace the names of Confederate generals during the previous civil war. Isn’t this a compromise to the “black life expensive” movement? The commander resolutely refused to agree.

2. Also, “Article 230” must be abolished. This clause is obviously helping Twitter, Facebook, etc. to speak, allowing them to label the content, such as regularly labeling Trump’s tweets as “fake”. Why do you make the boss feel so embarrassed?

3. In addition, the bill also limits the spending on building walls on the Mexican border. You must know that building walls is Trump’s important political legacy. Aren’t you cutting the back of the leader?

4. However, according to the analysis of the American media, the above may be only superficial reasons. The most fundamental reason is that there is a corporate transparency clause in the National Defense Act, which restricts the establishment of shell companies and cash transfers. This is considered to be directly directed at Trang The behavior of the Pu family.

Of course, this is the analysis of the American media. Trump knows the specific reasons, but I don’t know.

But the reaction was obvious: Trump is very hot, and other presidents can sign, but this defense bill, I just want to veto it!

veto! veto! Must be rejected!

But if the president vetoed it, if Congress had a two-thirds majority, the president’s veto could be overturned.

Judging from the current number of votes, most Republican congressmen have sided with the Democrats, and the number of votes against the president far exceeds two-thirds.

So, it’s no wonder that the American media sighed: It ’s this time. Don’t you take your own humiliation if you still play Trump like this?

In this world, many things are beyond our normal mind.

What to do then?

The commander began to change the front: I must veto, because China is the biggest winner.

This is not an internal issue, it is a major diplomatic issue. You congressmen are all standing in line with China!

Oh, but where does all this follow?

Of course, China must be calm. The United States is in an extraordinary period. Trump has a bad temper recently. He not only scolds China, but also scolds the Democratic Party, and even his own people.

For example, he recently scolded Barr, the loyal Attorney General, for not helping himself to investigate election fraud. He was “a disappointing person . ” Barr is probably already packing, ready to be fired.

He even scolded the U.S. Supreme Court for dismissing the lawsuit of election fraud. “The Supreme Court is disappointing, without wisdom, and without courage.” Speaking of the Supreme Court of the United States, I feel ashamed.