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Eswatini's Prime Minister died of COVID-19

Eswatini’s Prime Minister died of COVID-19

by YCPress

According to Reuters on the 14th, Eswatini Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini died of COVID-19 at the age of 52 after his hospital treatment failed.

Dramini was reportedly diagnosed with the novel coronavirus about four weeks ago and then went to South Africa for hospitalization.

According to an Eswatini government spokesman, on the afternoon of the 13th local time, Dlamini died of worsening due to his condition during treatment.

It is reported that Dlamini was appointed as Prime Minister of Eswadini in November 2018.

The report mentioned that Dramini went to South Africa for treatment on December 1. When entering South Africa, he was in stable condition and had been in good condition at the beginning of treatment.

According to relevant information from the United Nations, Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, issued an official document on April 19, 2018, announcing that the name of the country would be changed to Eswatini.

Eswatini has always maintained a so-called “confederacy” relationship with the Taiwan authorities. At the beginning of the outbreak in the country, Taiwan announced assistance to the country.

According to the data, Eswatini, with a total population of about 1.2 million, currently has 6,768 confirmed cases and 127 deaths.