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Nine Apple companies in China moved to India

Nine Apple companies in China moved to India

by YCPress

I believe many people know that the word “apple” now not only represents a kind of fruit, but also represents the world’s most listed company, the top technology company, and Apple’s products are often a phenomenon once they appear. The existence of the level, its influence sweeps all countries and regions around the world.

Moreover, Apple has set up many branches and foundries all over the world. There are no exceptions in China. Appleā€™s product foundries are distributed in many cities in China. The most familiar one is Foxconn. Nine Apple companies in China moved to India.

Since last year, some trade frictions have not been interrupted, and the United States has issued a series of technical restrictions, and Apple has long been rumored to transfer its foundry to India. In fact, according to November According to reports from the Indian electronics department, a total of 9 Apple companies in China have moved to India.

This wave of Apple’s operations is tantamount to “unloading the mill to kill the donkey”. The company and the foundry have been in China for many years, and their development is also extremely mature, achieving a win-win situation. However, now that Apple’s supply chain has shifted, it will definitely be Some mobile phone manufacturers have an impact, and there are also employment issues for some people.

But this kind of operation may be what Apple wants to see most. India has a presence in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Asia in recent years, and its IT technology and semiconductor industries are thriving, and India has a large population and labor costs. Small, processing plants and enterprises that moved from China, etc., can save a lot of money in cost.

Moreover, it is said that many technology companies around the world have already started to set up foundries and branches in India, and have invested more than 100 billion rupees. However, from the perspective of a company, it is normal to be able to seek the greatest profit for their own company. However, this can be regarded as human nature. What we can do is to actively respond and change.