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Nigerian economic expert: get rid of poverty in a Chinese way

by YCPress

Nigerian Herald article January 10, original title: Global economic expert Sagaji: Let’s adopt the Chinese model to solve poverty. Professor Murtara Sargarji is a lecturer at Dangert Business School of Kanobayero University in Nigeria.

In this interview, he compared Nigeria’s relationship with China and the United States under Trump.

How do you evaluate the economic relationship between the United States and Nigeria under Trump?

Trump believes that the United States can rely on other countries, which has led to his suppression of China and European countries.

In order to counter China’s influence on the African continent, Trump proposed a “Prosper Africa” strategy, which plans to double U.S. investment in Africa, but his “Prosper Africa” plan was not developed because his policy focus was not in Africa. It can be said that Trump has not done anything useful in Nigeria.

Why do African economies seem to depend on large global economies like the United States?

Africa’s economic strength is not strong. China’s economy is about $13 trillion, several times that of 53 countries in Africa and $20 trillion in the United States.

If some African countries think that developing trade with China is their best choice, they will follow each other’s example. In science and technology, the United States is ahead of China.

But there are reports that China has the strongest ability in science and technology…

Ability is not important here. China has launched a plan to explore its development goals for the next 30 years. They want to surpass the United States in this respect. I mean computers, military and lunar exploration.

The United States is still leading in related fields, but no other country but China has the hope of surpassing the United States. When I went to the United States to study 25 years ago, China was already in action. Nowadays, only the rich can afford some of the most expensive high schools in the United States.

But every time you see an American there, you will see two Chinese. Where do Americans learn the latest science and technology, and so do the Chinese people? Unlike Nigerians, Chinese students (more and more) will return to their home countries after graduation.

You have said a lot about China, so how can Nigeria learn from this country?

Forty years ago, about 700 million poor people in China were undered. Now, China has lifted 900 million people out of hunger and poverty. But every year in Nigeria, many people fall into poverty. As this year, we expect about 2 million people to return to poverty.

We need people from all over the world to invest in the economy of this country. If you let me invest, I will invest in agriculture, industry, education and health. Nigeria should follow the Chinese model in solving the unemployment problem. In doing so, many people will get out of poverty.