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News that some Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have more power problems

by YCPress

April 16, Reuters quoted industry sources as saying more ground-related power problems had been found in the cockpit of some Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

A week ago (April 9), Boeing said some 737 MAX aircraft needed to be shut down due to electrical problems. Boeing has not yet responded to the report.

Earlier, Boeing advised 16 customers to address a potential electrical issue before some of the 737 MAX aircraft continued to operate. Boeing said the proposal was made to verify that an electrical system component has enough ground paths.

Industry sources said a suspected problem was later found in more parts of the 737 MAX.

Reported that the problem affected about one-fifth of the market 737 MAX aircraft. It is understood that the problem is not related to the previous two air crashes caused by the “motorized feature enhancement system (MCAS)” problem.

Boeing continues to work with customers on the development of a service announcement, which will be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for approval. The service notice is designed to ensure adequate ground access in the cockpit of the affected aircraft.

It is understood that each aircraft repair time from hours to days. Boeing has not delivered any new 737 MAX jets since an electrical problem was discovered on Monday.