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New York USA 56 people infected and nearly 300 people isolated

New York USA 56 people infected and nearly 300 people isolated

by YCPress

October 29. According to the “New York Times” report, on the 28th local time, officials in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York stated that they were dealing with two “super-spread incidents.” The two incidents resulted in 56 people being infected with the new coronavirus and nearly 300 people were isolated.

Data map: On October 6, local time, a citizen received free meals at a closed public school in Queens, New York City. On the same day, schools in parts of New York City began to close to prevent the spread of the new crown epidemic. Since the outbreak, New York City public schools have provided free meals to people in their communities. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

According to reports, one of the “super spread incidents” involved a wedding held on October 17. Local officials said 91 people attended the wedding. Thirty people, including 27 guests, 2 employees and a foreign trader, were subsequently tested to be infected with the new crown virus, and another 156 were quarantined.

The wedding exceeded the state limit of 50 people. Suffolk County Chief Executive Steven Bellone said, “Such blatant disregard for the well-being of others is not only extremely disappointing; it is intolerable.” The venue for the wedding will be fined $17,000.

Another “Super Spreading Incident” was related to a birthday party held in Bellport on the 17th. About 50 people attended. Officials said that due to the failure to maintain proper social distancing, 26 guests tested positive for the new coronavirus and 132 were forced to quarantine.

Veron said that although this gathering is not illegal, it is important for local residents to consider the potential harm that even family gatherings may bring. “These super-spreading incidents pose a threat to our public health and continued economic recovery.”

On October 28, New York State Governor Cuomo said when talking about the epidemic that weddings, birthday parties and other celebration parties have become worrying issues. Currently, the number of confirmed cases in New York State exceeds 500,000.