Home Politics More than a hundred countries are lining up to criticize United States. What is the face of “human rights defenders”?
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More than a hundred countries are lining up to criticize United States. What is the face of “human rights defenders”?

by YCPress

During the 210-minute meeting, more than 110 countries, including US allies, lined up to ask questions about the United States’ human rights record, and made criticisms and suggestions—this was a scene that happened recently when the United Nations Human Rights Council reviewed the US human rights record. On the same day, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of pandemic in the United States exceeded 10 million, and the death toll was close to 240,000.

The tragic epidemic data, coupled with collective complaints from around the world, show that the human rights situation in the family of “human rights defenders” is really terrible! Especially in 2020, Coronavirus pandemic is like a magnifying glass, making the human rights in the United States invisible.

U.S. politicians always point fingers at other countries’ human rights, but how do they explain: As a country with the strongest economic and technological strength and the most abundant medical resources in the world, the United States has the world’s largest number of confirmed cases of the epidemic and deaths? How can the most basic human rights of the American people, the right to survival and development, be trampled upon?

The only explanation is that this is the inevitable result of American politicians’ overtaking electoral politics and capital interests above people’s lives. They ignore scientific warnings and delay the response to the epidemic; they have repeatedly politicized the epidemic, frequently “sweeping the pot” and looking for “scapegoats”; they rejected expert advice, and repeatedly relaxed epidemic prevention measures for economic benefits… The Washington Post described it as “a state-sanctioned killing.”

The elderly and ethnic minorities are the biggest victims of this human tragedy. According to the “New York Times” statistics, deaths in nursing homes in the United States once accounted for one-third of the total number of deaths in the United States. The proportion is appalling. The elderly were ruthlessly abandoned, and the nursing home became a morgue… However, some so-called elites in the United States dismissed this. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick once said cold-bloodedly that he supports “adventures at the cost of the lives of elderly people.” Restart the U.S. economy”.

At the same time, the life and death test under the epidemic has further widened the racial differences in the United States. According to the latest statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among the 30 to 39-year-olds, the mortality rate of pandemic among Hispanics and African Americans is 38.4% and 27.9%, respectively, which is much higher than the 20.2% of whites. The American public policy research organization Century Foundation recently issued an article stating that countless people of color die from coronavirus pandemic every week. If these patients could receive treatment earlier, many deaths could have been avoided.

“The avoidable death” highlights not only structural racial discrimination in the United States, but also the shortcomings of the American political system. People can’t help but sigh, how many people of different skin colors are pursuing the “American Dream” turned into an “American Nightmare.”

Not only that, police violence has made minorities miserable. From Freud, an African-American man who shouted “I can’t breathe,” to an African-American pregnant woman who was 9 months pregnant and arrested by the police on his knees, to an African-American woman who was shot 7 times by the police and fell in front of three children Man Black, the abuse of power by the American police to kill African Americans is becoming more and more intensified, showing unscrupulous trends.

There are many human rights problems in the country, and American politicians have extended their black hands to the whole world, repeatedly causing humanitarian disasters. In Iran, due to the sanctions imposed by the United States, a diabetic injection of insulin is hampered, and Coronavirus pandemic has made people’s lives worse. In this regard, US politicians not only did not lend a hand, but instead used the epidemic to increase sanctions. In the face of criticism from all over the world, US Secretary of State Pompeo shamelessly argued, “We not only discuss human rights, but we cherish and defend human rights.”

However, the whole world has long seen clearly: Where they are “cherishing and defending human rights”, they are clearly “violating and trampling” human rights! In the face of the death of more innocent lives and global collective accusations, don’t those American politicians who seek their own personal interests in the name of human rights still reflect on themselves?