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American companies enjoy the large China market and many believe it to be China and the United States. The separation is unreal

by YCPress

The third China International Import Expo, which has just concluded, once again injected “China’s positive energy” into the global economy under the raging Coronavirus Pandemic. 

It is worth mentioning that the enthusiasm of American companies to participate in the conference is particularly high. According to the information on the official website of the CIIE, there were a total of 197 exhibitors from the United States, ranking third; and 1,373 exhibited products, ranking first.

From these data, it is not difficult to see that the CIIE and the Chinese market are powerfully attractive to American companies, and the economic and trade ties between China and the United States cannot be divided if some American politicians want to divide it.

John Deere Company of the United States displayed 8R-3004 wheeled tractor in the technical equipment exhibition area of ​​the CIIE

“We will do our best to take root in the Chinese market”

The world’s top 500 company- Tyson Foods Group -this year is the first time to participate in the CIIE, but its booth has become “popular” in a short time. Not only that, Tyson also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Shanghai Nanhongqiao Management Committee Office, becoming the first Fortune 500 company to locate its China headquarters in the core business district of Hongqiao.

Tyson Food Group’s CIIE booth

Three of the world’s four major grain merchants, known as “ABCD”, made their debut at the CIIE. Among them, ADM Grain Company (ADM) of the United States participated for the first time. Liu Yuxiang, president of ADM Asia Pacific, said that the first US rice export to China has arrived in Xiamen and customs clearance has been completed. This is the first time American rice has been sold on the Chinese market.

The American electric vehicle giant Tesla, which has already established a factory in Shanghai, showcased its development achievements in China in the past few years at this CIIE. 

Wang Hao, general manager of Tesla China, said that Tesla’s Shanghai plant is developing well and the company will do its best to take root in the Chinese market.

People test drive Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles in the CIIE exhibition area

Wang Hao: “Our Shanghai factory has exported a batch of vehicles to Europe. We are now intensively building the second phase of the factory, and we plan to deliver Model Y to the Chinese market early next year. Tesla is particularly optimistic about the development of the Chinese market. And future, we will do our best to take root in this market and invest more in the Chinese market.”

Many American companies expressed during the CIIE that the future Chinese market will be an important fulcrum for their global development.

The US “Wall Street Journal” website recently published an article entitled “China Boosts US Business Growth Again” , pointing out that China is supporting US companies to cope with difficult situations as the pandemic shadows the United States. Coca-Cola, Estee Lauder, General Motors, Ford Motor and other companies said that their performance in the third quarter improved because of the large purchases of Chinese consumers.

Wall Street Journal report

“Recall Manufacturing” to counteract American experts believe that China-US decoupling is not realistic

Prior to this, another article in The Wall Street Journal pointed out that although the Trump administration imposed tariffs on Chinese goods in an attempt to rebuild the US manufacturing base, data showed that launching a trade war with China did not reverse the US manufacturing industry. The decline in the country, jobs have not yet returned to the United States, and the overall US trade deficit has hit a record high.

“Wall Street Journal”: The trade war with China did not boost US manufacturing

In addition, the Trump administration’s additional tariffs on Chinese goods have increased the cost of imported parts, materials, or products for American companies, forcing them to bear additional costs. Recently, more than 3,500 companies, including many large multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Tesla, and Ford Motors, have sued the US government one after another to express their dissatisfaction with the White House’s trade war.

U.S. “Business Insider” website: Tesla, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and other car companies filed a lawsuit over the Trump administration’s tariffs on auto parts imported from China

Harvard University professor and the creator of the “Thucydides trap” concept, Graham Allison pointed out in an article in the British “Financial Times” that although some American politicians advocate “decoupling” from China, the growing appeal of China’s economy Makes American companies irresistible.

Financial Times

As early as September, Tony Brinken, the foreign policy adviser to the US Democratic presidential candidate Biden, said bluntly when attending an online event of the American Chamber of Commerce that some people tried to “completely decouple” the United States from China. Reality can even backfire.


In fact, China’s economic development prospects have long been generally optimistic about the international community. Jeffrey Okamoto , the first vice president of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) , said that the Chinese economy is recovering rapidly from the Coronavirus Pandemic, which is conducive to promoting global trade and economic growth.

Jeffrey Okamoto

Jeffrey Okamoto: “China plays a very important role in the world. China has already started a lot of globalization efforts on specific issues. In addition to actions against public health crises, China also has many economic roles. At present ( There are still some trade and technological tensions between China and the United States. Solving these issues can reduce uncertainty and promote global trade and economic growth.”

Victoria Kwa , vice president of the World Bank in charge of East Asia and Pacific Affairs, said that through the CIIE , China has further demonstrated to the world its attitude of continuing to open up and cooperate as a major country, and China will play a more important role in global governance.

Victoria Kwa

Victoria Kwa: “The platform of the CIIE first sent a positive signal that China will firmly adhere to the open policy and benefit other countries. Especially under Coronavirus Pandemic this year, global challenges require cooperation from all countries. Response. China provides impetus for economic growth through continuous deepening of reforms. This is the source of China’s sustainable development. It will benefit the development of China and other countries, and it is also worth learning from other countries. This means that China’s success and progress will benefit all countries in the world. Both are beneficial. “