More than 82,000 people in Japan have been fired due to the coronavirus pandemic.

△ On May 21, 2020, pedestrians wearing masks walked on the streets of Osaka, Japan. ( Photo Source: Kyodo News Agency)

According to Kyodo News Agency on January 20, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare said on the 19th that the number of layoffs and cessations related to the coronavirus epidemic, including the estimated number, reached 82,050 as of the 15th.

The renewed declaration of emergency targeted at 11 prefectures has led to the closure of the catering industry, and the number of layoffs and terminations may increase in the future.

This value is 1,214 more than last week, of which 792 are casual employees such as hourly and temporary workers, equivalent to about 65%.

In terms of prefectures, the largest number is 19,648 in Tokyo, followed by 6,782 in Osaka Prefecture, 4,723 in Aichi Prefecture, 3,780 in Kanagawa Prefecture and 3,259 in Hokkaido.

In terms of industry, the manufacturing industry has the largest number, with 17,668 people, followed by 11,112 people in the catering industry, 10,600 people in retail industry, 10,12 people in the accommodation industry and 5,208 people in the labor dispatch industry.

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