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Spain's Andalusia region has confirmed 16 cases of mutant COVID-19, some of which have previously entered Spain from the United Kingdom.

More than 100,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients in the United States for 31 consecutive days

by YCPress

According to the data of the “Tracking the Pandemic in the United States” launched by Atlantic Monthly, as of the 1st local time, the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the United States exceeded 100,000 for the 31st consecutive day.

At present, the medical system in many parts of the United States is under great pressure, and the reception capacity is almost limit.

California is currently the most affected state in the United States. the cumulative number of confirmed cases in California has exceeded 2.36 million.

If California is regarded as a country, its cumulative number of confirmed cases can rank seventh in the world.

California has more than 26,000 cumulative deaths. According to the data released by the local health department, California reported another 585 new deaths from COVID-19 on the 1st, setting a new record for new deaths in the state in a single day.

As cases continue to soar, California’s health care system is under great pressure – according to CNN, the spare beds in intensive care units of many hospitals in California continue to be at “extremely dangerously low levels”, and Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley region do not even have one spare intensive care bed.

Local hospital nurse LaToya Senior: It’s terrible. It’s really terrible. We are crushed and exhausted, which is unimaginable. We are collapsing.

In Los Angeles County, the epicenter of the California epidemic, some hospitals are already overwhelmed by the flood of patients in need of oxygen treatment.

On the 2nd, the California Department of Public Health also launched a blood donation initiative to the public, saying that the California health system is trying to fight the epidemic and the blood center is urgent. All types of blood are needed.

Local hospital doctor Paul Wilkamen: If you have a car accident, of course you hope to be rescued. If you have a heart attack or stroke, you will certainly hope to be admitted to the intensive care unit. There is a qualified intensive care nurse to take care of you. This nurse does not need to take care of the other 20 patients at the same time.

If you go through another wave. At the peak of the epidemic, the medical system completely collapses, and we medical staff cannot stop the spread of the virus, so that the public can stop the spread of the virus, as long as people abide by and enforce the most basic public health codes.