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Moon Jae-in's live TV speech turned black and white

Moon Jae-in’s live TV speech turned black and white

by YCPress

December 11th According to Yonhap News Agency, South Korean President Moon Jae-in delivered a speech on the “2050 Carbon Neutrality Declaration” on the 10th, saying that the government will focus on achieving the goal of carbon neutrality.

Black-and-white picture of Moon Jae-in’s speech on TV

It is worth noting that Moon Jae-in’s speech on that day was broadcast live in South Korea in black and white. The report explained that doing so would be more environmentally friendly and low-carbon.

Moon Jae-in said in his speech that South Korea’s industrialization started 200 years later than other countries, but it will keep pace in achieving the goal of “carbon neutrality”. At the same time, South Korea also has leading low-carbon technologies, digital technologies and innovation forces such as batteries and hydrogen energy.

Live picture of Moon Jae-in’s TV speech

He also said that in the “Korean New Deal” released in July, the government set three goals of achieving carbon neutrality, economic growth and improving the quality of life, which is also a first step towards carbon neutrality and countries.

The government will take the lead in the international community in response to the climate crisis to drive inclusive growth and sustainable development.