Home Business McKinsey actually put forward such an immoral suggestion?! American netizens denounced it as a “homicidal company”
McKinsey actually put forward such an immoral suggestion?! American netizens denounced it as a "homicidal company"

McKinsey actually put forward such an immoral suggestion?! American netizens denounced it as a “homicidal company”

by YCPress

McKinsey & Company is one of the largest management consulting companies in the world and is also well-known in China. Many enterprise management experiences and even chicken soup from the company are quite popular in China.

However, the famous American company has recently been exposed to a huge scandal by the New York Times. Many American netizens shocked by this incident even denounced the company as a “homicidal company”.

what exactly did McKinsey do?

what exactly did McKinsey do? According to the New York Times report, this matter is related to the opioid abuse case in the country, which is abhorred by American public opinion.

Earlier, Purdue Pharma in the United States admitted that it played an ugly role in the opioid epidemic crisis in the United States, encouraging pharmacies and doctors to promote the opioid “Oschcondine” (Oschcondine” (through bribery and other means of bribery). OxyContin), even in the past 20 years, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died of the abuse of this highly addictive drug.

According to the latest revelations in the New York Times, as the management consultant of Purdue Pharmaceuticals, McKinsey has put forward many bad suggestions to make Purdue Pharmaceuticals seek to continue to increase the sales of “Oschcontin” in the United States under such a serious situation of opioid drug abuse.

(Screenshot from a report by The New York Times)

One of the worst suggestions is to ask Purdue Pharmaceuticals to provide discounted rewards to distributors who have caused drug abuse problems, and refund $14,810 to distributors for each drug abuse incident to stimulate these distributors to continue to promote their drugs.

In other words, according to McKinsey’s suggestion, Purdue distributors are likely to deliberately encourage people to continue to abuse “Oschkantin” to earn more “dead money” from Purdue Pharmaceuticals.

However, both major distributors of Purdue Pharmaceuticals deny that they have received a refund from Purdue Pharmaceuticals due to the occurrence of drug abuse deaths. McKinsey said that they have been cooperating with the relevant investigation of the U.S. judiciary and announced in 2019 that they would stop providing services to its global customers’ opioid-related businesses.

However, the New York Times revealed that after Purdue Pharmaceutical’s evil behavior attracted the attention of the U.S. judiciary, McKinsey’s senior partner discussed the early destruction of all relevant documents in order to avoid being involved in the lawsuit. The newspaper said that the correspondence between McKinsey’s internal management mentioned the proposal to destroy the document, but it was not sure whether it really did.

(Screenshot from a report by The New York Times)

At present, on American social networks, McKinsey’s alleged “helping abuse” scandal has aroused strong indignation among the American public. Some Twitter V, who was once hired as a consultant by McKinsey, angrily denounced the company as “killing people”.

Some people are further worried that if McKinsey really made this suggestion to eat American blood steamed bread to Purdue Pharmaceuticals, it is difficult to imagine what advice will be given by the U.S.

Department of Defense and other official departments, which also receives McKinsey’s consulting services.

However, according to the New York Times, McKinsey has not been sued or sued by the U.S. government so far for what happened a few years ago.